Ray's body is discovered by a man trawling in the woods with his metal detector. Hunter finds Ray's hidden stash of money. Mitch tries to shove his responsibilities with Bailey on Karen but she refuses. Jean's not feeling so good and the Slaters persuade her to go to the doctors. The police discover that Ray was shot and the investigation begins. Denise makes Mitch do work on her house after Bailey accidentally drops that he is a builder. Hunter takes Louise shopping with Ray's money as a way of an apology. Evie tells Tiffany and the rest of the group that they need to up their game and meet their targets as they're not making enough money, and when alone pulls up her sleeve to reveal several cigarette burns on her arm. Hayley discharges herself from the hospital and leaves the family a note telling them she can't do it but isn't going to anything stupid and look after Cherry for her. Jean worries when the doctor tells her she'll have to an appointment with the gynaecologist as well as a blood test and ultrasound since the doctor found a lump. Ian tries to say sorry to Jean and tells her he's going to New Zealand, and Jean tells him a few home truths. Masood invites Kathy to Australia for Tamwar and Nancy's wedding which leaves her stunned. Mel warns Hunter that they can't run away because it will make them look guilty and the police are on to them.


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