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Mo tells Dot about her mood swings and snaps at Frank. After they go back to Mo's flat, she confides in Dot that she thinks she went too far with Diane. Sam flaunts Ricky in front of Grant and Phil. Ian confronts Cindy and Simon.

Ian hides from Cindy and Simon as they return from their walk. He then flees.

Dot and Mo drink together in the Vic. Frank tries to make Mo go home but she refuses.

Ian hobbles down country roads searching for a phone box. He eventually finds one and phones the B&B Pete is staying at. The B&B claim that Pete has not arrived yet. Pete is stopped by the police because of a broken brake light. They agree to drive behind him to Honiton to get the campervan fixed.

Diane cries over Mo's outburst. Pat comforts her.

Evening dawns and Cindy and Simon enjoy a meal together. A brick is suddenly thrown through the window. Cindy and Simon panic. Simon tells Cindy to fetch Steven. A crutch is then thrown through the window - it is Ian. Simon invites Ian into the house. Once he is in, Simon gets him a drink. Ian feels a fool for not knowing what was going on and throws a glass above Cindy's head. Simon demands Cindy leaves them alone to talk. Ian asks Simon how long the affair went on. Simon insists it was a one-night stand that led to Cindy falling pregnant. Ian and Simon start joking as they argue with each other, making Cindy uncomfortable. She makes Simon go and get a taxi for Ian and then explains how the affair came around. Ian is furious and drinks more alcohol to drown his sorrows. He passes out before the taxi arrives. Simon notices Ian passed out and tells Cindy to let him stay the night so they can resolve the situation in the morning. The next morning, Ian wakes with a hangover. He finds the shotgun in a cabinet and pulls it out, along with some bullets.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • P.C. – Paul Rainbow


  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • Abercorn B&B - Kitchen and front room
  • 23A Albert Square - Kitchen
  • Cindy's parents house - Kitchen, living room, dining room and garden
  • Unknown country roads