Karen calls in a favour from Mitch, who arrives to fix the bathroom. But he also has a companion with him, who quickly finds herself at the centre of the action in the Square. Tiffany makes a surprising discovery in Ted's flat, and Max has a few harsh words for Rainie for almost ruining Abi's birthday party.


Main cast

  • Sophia Capasso as Evie Steele
  • Clair Norris as Bernadette Taylor
  • Maisie Smith as Tiffany Butcher
  • Katie Jarvis as Hayley Slater
  • Shane Richie as Alfie Moon
  • Jessie Wallace as Kat Moon
  • Ashley McGuire as Bev Slater
  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale
  • Lorraine Stanley as Karen Taylor
  • Zack Morris as Keegan Baker
  • Danny Dyer as Mick Carter
  • Kellie Bright as Linda Carter
  • Emma Barton as Honey Mitchell
  • Scott Maslen as Jack Branning
  • Jake Wood as Max Branning
  • Tanya Franks as Rainie Branning
  • Shay Crotty as Tommy Moon

Guest cast

  • Roger Griffiths as Mitch Baker
  • Kara-Leigh Fernandes as Bailey
  • Kai O'Loughlin as Cameron 'Rat' Morris
  • Andrew Armitage as Craig
  • Sarah Akokhia as Paramedic
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