Mel promises to split Ray's money with Maddie and Nicola when he is arrested for bigamy; Mel goes home and Hunter hears her crying about Ray cheating on her and she nearly tells him, mentioning Nicola, but he says Ray dated someone else while they were not together and it was not cheating; Hunter then mentions Nicola to Ray. Louise gets drunk and accuses Keanu of faking being a good person; she also has a confrontation with Ray and then cries to Bex that her mother has been sectioned again; Louise calls Ray a "perv" to Hunter. Jean thinks that Alfie will struggle to cope with Cherry and will go to someone for help; Alfie video calls Hayley and says Cherry are fine and he will bring her back soon. Bernadette tells Tiffany she does not want to be her second best, so Tiffany says they need to have other friends but that Bernadette will always be her best friend; Bernadette tells Karen she is in love with a girl and Karen is happy for her; Karen then drunkenly falls onto Billy and kisses him.


Instead of the usual credits, at the end of the episode a list of everyone involved in the production of EastEnders in 2018 was shown, with a dedication to former associate producer, Ian Hopkins.

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