The girls panic after the events of last episode. Kat makes a run down the stairs for Alfie, attempting to shrug him awake and screaming, hoping for just the tiniest movement. Hayley is in an absolute state, crying her eyes out. Luckily Stacey manages to calm her down. Jean and Ian knock on the door, and the girls panic as Alfie is lying unconscious on the living room floor. Hayley and Kat remain in there with him, while Stacey opens the door. Jean is determined to get in the living room for something she had forgotten, Stacey manages to shove Ian off, but Jean gets into the sitting room in the end and sees Alfie on the floor. She is adamant that Alfie isn't dead and that's he alive. Stacey manages to get Jean out of the room and into the kitchen. Hayley confides in Kat telling her how sorry she is about everything that has happened. Jean is an absolute state of shock and starts doing the cleaning around the house. Stacey leaves her to join the others in the sitting room. They attempt to get their story straight, and Kat decides that they shouldn't ring the ambulance, however it's too late as Jean already has. The three girls panic and start thinking what they're going to say to the police. Mysterious sounds and footsteps are coming from around the house, but they ignore it thinking its just the wind. When the ambulance and police turn up, the girls show them where Alfie's body is, only it isn't there. Hayley checks upstairs on Cherry, and she is gone. The girls realise what has happened, and Kat goes outside and shouts for Alfie.


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