Stacey warns Hayley and Alfie that she has to tell Kat about them two, Alfie tries to calm down the situation, but Stacey tells him that one of them has to go. The girls at the Slater household have gathered together a dancing routine for at the Vic. Stuart turns up at the pub with Dot in tow leaving Linda worried and Mick furious. Hayley decides that she's the one that has to go and leaves Alfie a piece of Cherry's hair, only for Kat to find it and puts two and two together and discovers that Alfie is the father of Cherry, she's distraught and can be barely function. Jean admits to Kat that she knew all along, Kat disowns her. The rest of the household, make there way over to the Vic leaving Kat, Alfie and Hayley alone in the house. Kat smashes up Alfie's car and follows the others to the Vic, she's in a state and tries coming on to Max, afterwards she makes her way back over to the house, and Stacey follows her and tries to calm her down only for Kat to find out that she knew as well. Kat and Alfie have a blazing row, and Alfie tells Kat that he thinks she's disgusting for what happened between her and Harry. Hayley overhears the conversation as well as Stacey and Hayley tells Alfie that he will never see Cherry again and Alfie asks her what is she going to do to stop him and she pushes him down the stairs leaving him unconscious.


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  • Arthur Fowler, Ernie Moon, Bert Moon and Cherry Slater played by actors Hunter Bell, Elliot Briffett, Cody Briffett and an unknown actor/actress appear in this episode but are not credited onscreen due to there age and having no official dialogue.
  • BBC iPlayer synopsis: Kat is determined to have the perfect family Christmas, unaware that her world is about to be turned upside down when the truth about Alfie and Hayley surfaces - bringing with it consequences that nobody could predict.
  • This episode ran for 60 minutes, more known as a Special Episode as the show only runs typically for 30 minutes. Hour episodes usually occur on special occasions.

Notable dialogue

Kat - In 40 years, nothing's changed!
Stacey - Kat, Kat, Kat, where you going?
Kat - You stay away from me! Cos I swear, Stacey, I will do time for you!

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