Louise teases Keanu by telling him that Sharon is coming, but she isn't. Stacey interrupted the choir rehearsal at Ian's demanding answers from Jean when Jean was about to spill the beans about Hayley and Alfie, Hayley in a panic told Stacey that Jean's unusual recent behaviour was because she was embarking on a relationship with Ian. Linda starts questioning Mick about Stuart's whereabouts; little do they both know that he is staying at Dot's. Phil comes in the Minute Mart looking for stuffing, but the shelves are near enough empty, and he demands Kim to go in the stock room, he follows her in there and manages to lock them both inside and Kim goes into labour. Keanu, expecting Sharon to be home, visits the Mitchells, Sharon naturally not being there, shocks him. Louise notices that he has a Christmas present in his pocket and instantly assumes its for her, Keanu having no choice gives it to her. The choir group gather in the Square and sing their carols. Kim gives birth to a little boy with help from Phil delivering him. Alfie gets a text from Hayley telling him to come back to the house, Stacey follows him back there and catches the pair kissing.


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Mo - When are you gonna put Alfie out of his misery? You're too long in the tooth to play hard to get. Kat, I've not seen you smile since...
Kat - We stuck you in that coffin.
Mo - Be happy, Kat. That's what Charlie would want an'all.

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