Rainie realises she has messed up yet again and agrees with Max that they should press charges against Cora for her actions. Ian also has good news for the couple. But with Max still worried about Cora's statement, is it too little too late? Martin struggles to cope in the overcrowded house, while Hayley quickly grows fed up of being asked about the baby's father and Alfie calls Kat in need of a favour. Tiffany is devastated to learn the truth about her new friend Evie.


Main cast

  • Tanya Franks as Rainie Branning
  • Ann Mitchell as Cora Cross
  • Jake Wood as Max Branning
  • Maisie Smith as Tiffany Butcher
  • Lacey Turner as Stacey Fowler
  • James Bye as Martin Fowler
  • Katie Jarvis as Hayley Slater
  • Gillian Wright as Jean Slater
  • Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean
  • Jessie Wallace as Kat Moon
  • Shane Richie as Alfie Moon
  • Laila Morse as Mo Harris
  • Louisa Lytton as Ruby Allen
  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale
  • Clair Norris as Bernadette Taylor
  • Zack Morris as Keegan Baker
  • Rudolph Walker as Patrick Trueman
  • June Brown as Dot Branning
  • Leonard Fenton as Dr Legg
  • Luisa Bradshaw-White as Tina Carter
  • Natalie Cassidy as Sonia Fowler
  • Scott Maslen as Jack Branning
  • Jamie Borthwick as Jay Brown
  • Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor
  • Aaron Thomas Ward as Jagger Rawley
  • Sophia Capasso as Evie Steele

Guest cast

  • Lukwesa Mwamba as Vix
  • Charlotte Fields as DC Jane Kaminski
  • Craig Blake as Jamahl Enright
  • Sadie Shimmin as Hilary Taylor
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