Hayley turns up planning to sell some of her belongings on the market, despite not having a licence or pitch - although Stacey is more concerned her cousin is after Martin. Phil puts pressure on Robbie to get information on Max and Rainie, Keegan and Shakil plan to use Kush's flat to impress some girls and the Carters plan an evening of spirituality at the Vic - only to get a shock when they discover the real identity of Suzie the Psychic.


Main cast

  • Katie Jarvis as Hayley Slater
  • Lacey Turner as Stacey Fowler
  • Laila Morse as Mo Harris
  • Jessie Wallace as Kat Moon
  • Zack Morris as Keegan Baker
  • Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor
  • Shaheen Jafargholi as Shakil Kazemi
  • Davood Ghadami as Kush Kazemi
  • Bonnie Langford as Carmel Kazemi
  • James Bye as Martin Fowler
  • Natalie Cassidy as Sonia Fowler
  • Jasmine Armfield as Bex Fowler
  • Rudolph Walker as Patrick Trueman
  • Diane Parish as Denise Fox
  • Tameka Empson as Kim Fox-Hubbard
  • Danny Dyer as Mick Carter
  • Kellie Bright as Linda Carter
  • Lisa Hammond as Donna Yates
  • Dean Gaffney as Robbie Jackson
  • Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell
  • Emma Barton as Honey Mitchell
  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale
  • Gillian Taylforth as Kathy Beale
  • Tony Clay as Callum 'Halfway' Highway
  • Jamie Borthwick as Jay Brown
  • Tanya Franks as Rainie Branning
  • Christopher Timothy as Ted Murray
  • Gillian Wright as Jean Walters
  • Ben Champniss as Shrimpy
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