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Cindy goes to visit Wicksy with Steven as Pat, Frank and Janine depart for their weekend away to the Isle of Wight. Kathy and Michelle face the Mitchell brothers about Stuart Kendle and Billy Turner.

Dot agrees to help Mo out at the B&B whilst Frank and Pat go on holiday.

Cindy takes Steven to a park to meet Simon.

Diane graffitis the playground, thinking it looks better, but Calvin tells her he will have to paint over it again as part of his community service. Clyde watches Diane get humiliated. she gets irritable with him. Clyde tells her that he paints sides of buildings as part of his job, which interests Diane, who considers getting him to paint the side of the B&B.

Simon is delighted to see Cindy and Steven.

Mo freezes in the kitchen, worrying Janine. Diane tells Frank she is not going to the Isle of Wight.

Cindy and Simon enjoy spending time together at the park with Steven.

Ricky notices a girl named Sam walking through the Square and fancies her, later plucking up the courage to talk to her.

Pat tells Dot that she does not need to help out at the B&B anymore because Diane is not going on holiday.

Cindy goes back to Simon's friend's house with him so that they can spend more time together.

Ricky meets Sam in the café and offers to buy her a drink. Grant and Phil walk into the café and notice Ricky talking to Sam. They tease Ricky a bit and then tell him that Sam is their little sister. Phil tells Ricky to stay clear from her.

Cindy and Simon cook a meal together. Cindy phones Ian and tells him she is with a "friend" and will be back later than planned.

Kathy and Michelle continue to try and extract information from Grant and Phil about Stuart.

Cindy decides she is going to tell Ian the truth, but tells Simon she wants to do it in her own way and in her own time.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Calvin - Dan Hildebrand




PHIL MITCHELL: Ricky this is Sam.

RICKY BUTCHER: I know who she is.



GRANT MITCHELL: She's our kid sister.

PHIL MITCHELL: And as such, she is strictly out of bounds. What you might call a definite no no.

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