The Slaters face a great deal of unwelcome attention following last week's events, and things only get worse when they realise Mo has been up to no good. Keegan bunks off school to meet up with his dad Mitch, although Karen is furious to find the two of them together. With Phil refusing to forgive Sharon, she confides in Michelle without giving the real reason for their fallout, and Tiffany leads Bernadette astray, causing her to miss her chess session with Ted.


Main cast

  • Lorraine Stanley as Karen Taylor
  • Zack Morris as Keegan Baker
  • Clair Norris as Bernadette Taylor
  • Danny Dyer as Mick Carter
  • Lacey Turner as Stacey Fowler
  • James Bye as Martin Fowler
  • Jessie Wallace as Kat Moon
  • Laila Morse as Mo Harris
  • Gillian Wright as Jean Walters
  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale
  • Letitia Dean as Sharon Mitchell
  • Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell
  • Jenna Russell as Michelle Fowler
  • Maisie Smith as Tiffany Butcher
  • Maggie Steed as Joyce Murray
  • Christopher Timothy as Ted Murray
  • Shaheen Jafargholi as Shakil Kazemi

Guest cast

  • Roger Griffiths as Mitch Baker
  • Martha Howe-Douglas as Annie Pritchard
  • Polly Highton as Mrs Lund
  • Wilson James as Journalist
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