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Cindy visits Sharon and notices she has been crying. A van tries to drive onto Turpin Road but is stopped when the market traders unite and block its path. Mo is confused when she misplaces her purse.

Bridge Street Market lives to see another day as the stallholders pitch up and start selling. Grant and Phil give Pete a new stall.

Ron arrives on the Square and buys flowers, before visiting Sharon.

Clyde gets worked up when Celestine wonders if his job is not going as well as he hoped it would.

Ron advises Sharon to stay away from Carol for the foreseeable future as she has brought distress among his family. Sharon gets upset over the situation.

Michelle suggests that Sharon does not move in with Cindy and Ian and stays at the Vic until they can move back into their flat again.

Arthur befriends Jules at the Vic.

Simon informs Sharon that she has received a phone call. Sharon phones Carol back and is delighted that she wants to talk to her.

The market stallholders celebrate another day of the market standing strong on Bridge Street with drinks and a sing-a-long.

Mo panics when she forgets where she has put her purse. Dot finds it in her bag, leaving Mo confused.

The next morning, diggers and a caravan pull up on Turpin Road before the market can be set-up. Pete is gutted and tells Arthur, Kathy and Pauline that he is not giving up and is going to plan against them.


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • 27 Albert Square - Kitchen
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Bridge Street Café
  • Turpin Road


  • Radio Times synopsis: Are the market traders celebrating too early? A surprise visitor leaves Sharon with a dilemma.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,460,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).