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Dot receives two visitors, but is still oblivious to Nick's deceit.

Dot feels ill again so Nick looks after her. He goes to the kitchen to make her breakfast, but as he goes to take a bottle containing a pungent liquid out from the sink cupboard, he is stopped by a knock at the door - it is Ethel.

Nick goes to get Dot a blanket to keep her warm, and whilst Ethel is alone with Dot, she pleads with her friend to see a doctor and stop letting Nick kill her. Dot begins to wonder if Ethel is right about Nick, and when Ethel goes to the shops to get food for their lunch, Dot confronts Nick. Nick is horrified by the accusations made against him, which reassures Dot.

Dot returns to the living room and leaves Nick to finish making her breakfast. Once alone, Nick splashes the pungent liquid from the bottle into her food. Ethel returns unexpectedly and Nick rushes to see her after hiding the bottle of liquid.

Ethel heads to the kitchen and is convinced the food has been poisoned. She finds tablets on the tray with the food and takes it to Dot as evidence, but Dot already knows about the tablets. Willy does not eat the breakfast from the kitchen table, which Ethel assumes is a sign that the food has been poisoned.

Charlie then makes an unexpected return to see Dot. He finds the bottle of pungent liquid in the sink cupboard and Ethel smells it. She is convinced it is poison. Dot believes otherwise but decides they shall confront Nick when he returns.

Nick returns with Alastair, the vicar, and claims the bottle is solvent which he keeps as a reminder of his past with substance abuse. The vicar disposes of the bottle.

Charlie tells Dot he wants a divorce, but when he learns she has won £10,000 he reconsiders it. Dot feels as though she has sinned for ignoring Nick and confides in the vicar.

When the vicar is alone with Nick, Nick smirks and shakes his hand.


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  • Alastair - David Acton


  • Albert Square
  • 25 Albert Square - Kitchen, living room and hallway