Kush is frustrated with Denise for spending so much time on her GCSE revision, so he persuades her to take the evening off - only to receive a dinner invitation from his mother. Louise agrees to have Madison and Alexandra over to her house on Thursday - unaware they are plotting something - and Ian tries to make Jane's birthday special, although she is the one with a surprise.


Main cast

  • Scott Maslen as Jack Branning
  • Jake Wood as Max Branning
  • Laurie Brett as Jane Beale
  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian Beale
  • Sydney Craven as Alexandra D'Costa
  • Seraphina Beh as Madison Drake
  • Alex James-Phelps as Travis Law-Hughes
  • Tilly Keeper as Louise Mitchell
  • Jasmine Armfield as Bex Fowler
  • Letitia Dean as Sharon Mitchell
  • Jenna Russell as Michelle Fowler
  • Lacey Turner as Stacey Fowler
  • James Bye as Martin Fowler
  • Gillian Taylforth as Kathy Beale
  • Diane Parish as Denise Fox
  • Davood Ghadami as Kush Kazemi
  • Bonnie Langford as Carmel Kazemi
  • Tameka Empson as Kim Fox-Hubbard
  • Richard Blackwood as Vincent Hubbard
  • Lisa Hammond as Donna Yates
  • Luisa Bradshaw-White as Tina Carter
  • Linda Henry as Shirley Carter
  • Shona McGarty as Whitney Carter
  • Ted Reilly as Johnny Carter
  • Lee Ryan as Harry 'Woody' Woodward
  • Henri Charles as Ricky Mitchell
  • Abbie Knowles as Amy Mitchell
  • Bleu Landau as Dennis Rickman

Guest cast

  • Ian Attard as Greg Dowson
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