Dot doesn't seem to be feeling the benefit of Nick's cooking, and has a full home checkup from Dr Legg who says she just has a virus.

Frank is determined to track down the man who made the nude statue of Diane, so attends the talk he's giving at Walford College and gives him a piece of his mind, much to the embarrassment of Diane who runs from the talk and locks Frank out of the house.

Sharon goes to see a funeral director with Wicksy and books the most expensive coffin (£1450) for Den's burial. Simon isn't happy as they can't afford it, but Sharon is insistent. Michelle asks Sharon if she's going to invite Angie to the funeral but Sharon says no as she hadn't bothered to attend the memorial service they held the previous year. Later that evenong Sharon tried to make a list of guests to invite, but becomes anxious, so leaves a note for Wicksy to say she's going away for a few days and shoots off into the night in a cab.


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