Rumours quickly spread that the market is being moved, prompting an angry Martin to lead a strike - but the other stallholders, not wanting to lose any money, refuse to join in. Kim throws Emerald out of the house for going behind her back, Keegan continues to rile Bex and Louise, and Billy tries talking to Jay about his problems. Tina drags Shirley along to spend the day with Sylvie - but as they and all the other residents continue as normal, disaster looms for the people of Albert Square.


Main cast

  • James Bye as Martin Fowler
  • Lacey Turner as Stacey Fowler
  • Jasmine Armfield as Bex Fowler
  • Tilly Keeper as Louise Mitchell
  • Jamie Borthwick as Jay Brown
  • Perry Fenwick as Billy Mitchell
  • Emma Barton as Honey Mitchell
  • Diane Parish as Denise Fox
  • Belinda Owusa as Libby Fox
  • Rudolph Walker as Patrick Trueman
  • Tameka Empson as Kim Fox-Hubbard
  • Richard Blackwood as Vincent Hubbard
  • Lisa Hammond as Donna Yates
  • Davood Ghadami as Kush Kazemi
  • Shaheen Jafargholi as Shakil Kazemi
  • Bonnie Langford as Carmel Kazemi
  • Gillian Taylforth as Kathy Beale
  • Linda Henry as Shirley Carter
  • Luisa Bradshaw-White as Tina Carter
  • Linda Marlowe as Sylvie Carter
  • Annette Badland as Babe Smith
  • Danny Dyer as Mick Carter
  • Shona McGarty as Whitney Carter
  • Danny-Boy Hatchard as Lee Carter
  • Ted Reilly as Johnny Carter
  • Jake Wood as Max Branning
  • Zack Morris as Keegan Baker
  • Seraphina Beh as Madison Drake
  • Sydney Craven as Alexandra D'Costa
  • Alex James-Phelps as Travis Haw-Hughes
  • Cerith Flinn as Mr Gethin Pryce

Guest cast

  • Dona Croll as Emerald Fox
  • Kirsty Woodward as School Tannoy Announcer
  • Kieron Jecchinis as John Dixon
  • Jim Dowdall as Bus Driver
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