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Frank goes to Kings Cross to meet Diane. She does not turn up but Frank is unaware that Diane is stood a few metres away standing at the side of a ticket station. She is dishevelled, having been on the streets for the past 3 months. In flashbacks to January 1990, Diane is seen living on the streets of London where she meets northerner Disa O'Brien and her friend Jackson.

Frank waits for Diane at the train station. Diane hides around the corner, watching Frank wait in anticipation for her return. Pat and Mo wait to hear from Frank.

It transpires through a series of flashbacks that three months ago, after Diane ran away from home, she phoned Paul and attempted to meet up with him, unaware he was leaving the country. She is upset when Paul tells her they cannot meet and begins wandering the streets of London alone.

In a café, Diane meets Disa O'Brien, a homeless woman. Diane lies to Disa and tells her she works at a club. Disa realises Diane is lying and befriends her. She begins to lead Diane astray as she encourages her to thieve and beg for money on the streets. Diane then phones Frank and tells him she is not returning home. Disa is impressed by Diane's keenness to live freely. The pair begin making money from begging and consider living in a flat together.

Frank is upset when Diane does not show. He phones Pat to tell her the news, and as he leaves the station, Diane emerges from hiding, hesitant at whether to stop him.


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  • Abercorn B&B - Kitchen
  • King's Cross Railway Station
  • Unknown locations in London


  • Jake Wood makes a pre Max Branning appearance in this episode as a character named Jackson.
  • First appearance of Disa O'Brien.
  • This episode used flashback scenes mixed in with scenes set at the time of transmission. The flashbacks were set in January 1990 and featured Diane having just run away from home and living on the streets, meeting Disa and Jackson.
  • Radio Times synopsis: While Frank waits anxiously at King's Cross station for Diane to turn up, she is reliving the memories of her three months away from the Square. Will she ever be ready to go home?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,010,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).