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Kathy feels outcast from the Beales. Michelle makes a decision that does not please everyone. Pat is called in to Janine's school again.

Michelle agrees to go to Newcastle with Danny. She wonders how she will tell her family and friends about her decision.

Rod wonders where Hazel has gone.

Michelle visits Julie and tells her she is leaving.

Danny makes a secret phone call to his wife whilst Michelle is out. He promptly hangs up when she returns.

Kathy tries to get more involved with Steven's christening but Cindy rejects her idea of hosting the party at her flat.

Harry continues his venturing around Walford, taking in the differences.

Arthur and Pauline are taken aback when Michelle tells them she is moving.

Pat receives a phone call from Janine's school - she has hit a pupil and they need to go in and talk to the headteacher.

Julie tells Sharon about Michelle's planned move to Newcastle, not realising Michelle has not told her yet.

The headteacher tells Pat that Janine's problems are psychological and she needs help. Frank refuses to believe Janine is at blame, convinced the school is unable to handle his daughter's mischief.

Rod talks to Harry at the Vic.

Sharon is upset with Michelle for not telling her about her move to Newcastle. She refuses to talk to Michelle. Simon gives her some words of advice.

Pauline cries over Michelle; Arthur supports her.

Sharon has a change of heart and visits Michelle. They resolve their argument from earlier. Sharon tells Michelle she is selling the flat and wants her and Vicki to have half the money made from the sale. Michelle is grateful. Danny drives back to his wife's house and sits outside, watching the house from his car.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and cellar
  • 25 Albert Square - Kitchen and living room
  • 43A Albert Square - Kitchen and front room
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Bridge Street Café
  • Julie's
  • Walford Primary School - Headteacher's office
  • Unknown road


  • Radio Times synopsis: Michelle must confront family and friends with the news of her move to Newcastle, but Danny seems to have other things on his mind.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,730,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).