Roxy runs from Dean, while Dean tells Shirley he did not try to rape Roxy, and accuses Shirley of believing Linda's fantasies. Believing his life is ruined, he asks Shirley for help. Roxy tells Linda and Elaine what has happened and they take her to the police station, where she is photographed, examined and gives a statement. Shirley tells Dean not to run but to wash himself first and destroy the clothes he is wearing. However, in the bath, Shirley tries to drown Dean, but he attacks her and gets away as Linda arrives. Linda and Dean argue and he admits that he did rape her, then leaves and sees one of Mick and Linda's wedding invites. Also, Dennis wakes up, Gavin tells Sharon he is leaving for Hong Kong, and Phil reads about cirrhosis, then promises Sharon he will always be there for her.


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