Doctors rush around Dennis and Phil pulls Sharon out of their way. A doctor explains that Dennis has a subdural haematoma and that they need to operate. There may be some brain damage. Sharon tells Phil to give the police his statement and to tell them everything or she will. Phil comes back and she asks why he is protecting Bobby. He makes her realise the reasons Ian and Jane want to protect Bobby. The doctor tells them to go home and get some rest. He tells Phil that they need to discuss his treatment but Phil ignores him.

At the Beales Bobby enters the dining room and refuses to be sent away again. He apologises to Jane and hugs her. She explains to him why she covered for him. She decides they need to go to the police and Bobby gets his coat. They go to the station, Bobby’s scared. Ian asks him to get back in the car while he talks to Jane. Ian asks if this is what Lucy would want. He persuades Jane not to go in. He’s had an idea. Back at home he makes a phone call. They are going to send Bobby to boarding school. They sit with Bobby and discuss the plan. Kathy comes in followed by police officers. They arrest Ian for dangerous driving.

At the Arches Vincent asks Ronnie what has happened. She tells him her plan and makes a phone call but there’s no answer. He asks if she was specific about who they were to hit but she only told them to take out the driver. In the pub Donna asks Kim if she has seen Claudette. She’s not made an appearance all day. At the scrap yard the car is being crushed. Vincent pulls the man operating the crusher form his seat and rushes to the car. He opens the boot. Claudette enters the Vic to see the girls. Denise tells her about Phil’s accident and she comments that Father Christmas must have got her wish. Vincent holds Fatboy’s necklace, shocked. Dot calls Fatboy and leaves a message asking if he will be home.

She has saved him some of the hotpot. Ronnie, Roxy and Jack arrive at the scrapyard and Vincent walks past them. Ronnie is too late. Claudette returns home to find Vincent sat alone. He tells her what has happened to Fatboy. He thought it was Claudette in the car. Vincent blames himself and this war with the Mitchells. Claudette sees this as an opportunity to set Vincent against them further. Later he sees Ronnie and he decides to tell her the car was empty. She is relieved and Roxy takes her inside. Vincent goes to see Dot and tells her that Fatboy has got a New Year’s DJ gig in Austria and that he may not be coming back. She is glad he’s doing well but will miss him. Claudette cannot believe Vincent would allow Ronnie to get away with this. She lets slip that his father may have returned that Christmas Eve but covers her mistake. She is disappointed with him and stabs a carving fork into the Christmas turkey.

In Shirley’s flat Dean is stressing over the family meal determined for it to be perfect. Roxy reassures him that it will be. She opens the door and Ronnie desperately asks to borrow her car. Jack asks what is wrong. Shirley tells Dean that Roxie has gone. Dean serves dinner but Jade isn’t hungry. Dean realises that they ate at the Carter’s. Jade pours some gravy and one of Roxy’s false nails falls out. While clearing up Shirley tells Dean to stop being a brat and slaps him. She takes the kids and Buster to Mick’s. Roxy returns to find Dean alone. He blames her and her nail for them leaving early. He throws the gravy boat at her and it cuts her face as it smashes against the wall. He follows her out onto the Square and pleads with her to stay. He talks her round and she follows him back inside…

Martin and Lily return home to find Kat with Stacey. Kat tells him the fuse box had tripped out. She has left Alfie and the kids in Spain. Later on Stacey takes the batteries out of the TV remote and hides them under the sofa cushion. Martin spots Alfie and the kids outside on the Square. Alfie comes in and asks Kat why she walked out on them.

Paul gives Ben his Christmas present in the Vic; a bracelet.


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