Kim, Ronnie, Donna and Fatboy are all left panicking as Vincent leaves the house with the gun. Ronnie calls Sharon and tells her she needs to lock the door. Vincent arrives and points the gun at Sharon’s face but she doesn’t know where Pearl is. Kim and Ronnie arrive and Ronnie is adamant that Phil is playing a game; he would never hurt a baby. Phil arrives drunk and Kim demands to know where Pearl is and pushes the glass out of his hand. Phil laughs and helps himself to another drink. Vincent points the gun at Phil’s head and counts down from ten. This has no effect on Phil. He is the one in control. He tells Vincent to beg. Vincent puts the gun down. Phil picks up the gun and points it at Vincent. Vincent loses it and pins Phil to the ground putting his hands around his neck, seeking revenge for his father.

Sharon picks up the gun and accidentally pulls the trigger. Phil tells Vincent that his father never killed Henry Hubbard. Jay has an idea and tells Vincent that Phil owns him. He tells Phil that he is in control but he isn’t a bad person and asks him to tell them where Pearl is. Phil agrees and tells them Pearl has been under their nose for the entire time. Claudette rings Vincent’s phone as Phil leaves. Phil leads Kim, Vincent and Ronnie to Honey who is playing with Pearl at the Community Centre. Phil tells Vincent that he shouldn’t have messed with him and should see this as a lesson learnt. Phil, Ben and Jay leave, and Claudette meets Vincent outside. He tells her that this time tomorrow Phil will be dead…

As she prepares to tell Martin the truth Stacey gets a sharp pain which Martin mistakes for labour. He rushes out of the room to pack the hospital bag in a panic. She tells him she’s not going into labour. He’s relieved and tells her how much he loves her and tells her about the dream he had about the baby coming early. She stays silent and decides not to tell him. He leaves to make a drink, then her mobile rings and someone knocks on the door. Stacey answers it. It’s Kush and he tells her he couldn’t bring himself to tell Shabnam. She’s furious as she was seconds away from telling Martin everything. She tells him how hard it is to live each day with this secret, as she leaves to go back to the house Kush tells her he’s sorry. Martin hears this as he steps outside and asks why he’s apologising. Kush, Martin and Stacey talk in the lounge.

Kush lies to Martin telling him he was apologising because he told her about Shabnam’s appointment and was worried it was too much for her to take in. Martin tells him he can always talk to them about anything. Shabnam and Masood talk in the café. He tells her that her bad luck will soon end. She confides in Masood about how Kush has been around her recently. She thinks he is only standing by her because he feels it’s his duty. Shabnam meets Kush at the Nativity rehearsal and he tells her he got stuck talking to Stacey and Martin about the appointment. Elaine directs the rehearsal of the Nativity but Lily has stage fright and can’t say anything. Martin sees her fear and talks her through it. After the rehearsal Shabnam tells Stacey to back off and keep out of her personal life. She questions whether Stacey deserves Martin seeing as she won’t tell him who the father of the baby is. Both couples go their separate ways.

Jade asks Shirley if they can go in to the Vic to see Santa but Shirley suggests they get cake at the cafe instead. Shirley suggests they try and get Jade a role in the nativity. Shirley takes her to the Community Centre and asks Elaine to give Jade a role but Jade isn’t keen on the idea of being a sheep, so instead asks Shirley to see Santa. Shirley announces that they are going to see Santa and all of the children get overly excited and she leaves Elaine to deal with them. In the Vic, Tina and Linda are delighted to see Jade. Linda offers Jade free entry for family which Shirley refuses. After Jade sees Mick dresses as Santa Linda gives her a gift bag, her plan has worked. Shirley makes a remark that last year’s Christmas grotto was better, but still undeniably had a good time.


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