Ronnie is driven into the middle of nowhere and is left at the side of a dirt track. After wandering alone a car pulls up and Vincent tells her to get inside. They arrive back in the Square and he ushers her into his house so that nobody sees them. She demands that he explains how he knew where she was. She is convinced he is working for Carl’s family. He asks her to listen to him. There is a knock at the door and Vincent is handed a parcel. Ronnie asks how he knew Roxy was going to the police and he says he knows people in special places.

The package is a passport and tickets out of Stanstead airport at 7pm and he tells her to go and pack her bags. She refuses to do anything before he tells her what’s happening. Her life is no longer in Albert Square. He is doing this because he still has feelings for her. She tells him she needs money and as he goes to get it out of the safe she leaves. He runs after her and runs past Fatboy, leaving the door open. He bangs on Ronnie’s door but Billy tells him she isn’t home. Kim notices him across the Square. Ronnie approaches the police station but Vincent stops her. She doesn’t want to be running from the police forever. He tells her there is nothing she can say to them that he doesn’t know already. She laughs at him and asks who he thinks he is, the police? It suddenly dawns on her that he is…

The family are fuming with Roxy and Dean decides to leave. Sharon tells Roxy that she is selfish and that social services should have taken Amy away from her because she is living with a rapist. The two women lunge at each other and Billy tries to pull them apart. Jay runs to the kitchen where Phil has been drinking and asks him to come and help. The family turn their back of Roxy and she runs to Blades after Dean. Shirley asks what is wrong and Dean tells her about Ronnie and Carl. Shirley grabs her coat and goes to find Phil. She asks him if he’s been drinking. Ben tries to call Phil but he isn’t answering. Jay heads to the Albert and hears a commotion coming from upstairs. Phil has started a fight and is clearly drunk. Jay takes the drink from him and Phil lashes out resulting in the glass smashing and Jay falling to the floor, cutting his hand. Sharon heads to the Vic with Aunt Sal and Shirley comes in and asks after Phil. Honey gives Billy an ultimatum, her and the children or the Mitchells. As he chooses her he receives a call from Jay and has to respond. He gets to the Albert and helps Jay to move Phil but Sharon arrives.

Fatboy bumps into Vincent on his way to show him his set list for that night. The door to No.1 is left open so he heads inside to leave the list. While there he puts on some music and pours himself a drink. He notices the safe is open and his curiosity gets the better of him. He pulls out a folder and starts to flick through the pages. He drops it in shock. Kim returns and he hides it in his jacket. He exits as quickly as possible leaving his laptop. Kim notices that the safe is open and it’s empty.

Denise and Carmel are still trying to work out who it was that gave the B&B as their address to the police. They go to the police station where Carmel pretends to be the officer’s mother bringing his lunch in order for him to come out and speak to them. When he realises who they are he tells them that he cannot give them any information. They return to the Square and Denise notices men going into her house. She shouts at them and Kim comes over telling her that they are just there to have a look. She has decided to split the house in two. One half for Denise and Patrick and the other she will sell. Denise cannot believe that Kim would do this to her.


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