Roxy sits at her laptop searching properties in Essex but Dean tells her that if they move it will look like they are running away. If anyone should move it should be Ronnie. They ignore the doorbell and Shirley comes out of the shower fuming. Lee’s present was supposed to arrive and now it needs to be picked up from the depot. Dean says he will get it and the doorbell rings again. Roxy opens the door to Ronnie who apologises for her behaviour. Roxy tells Ronnie that she should be the one to leave the Square. Ronnie asks to be alone with her sister but Roxy is adamant that anything she has to say can be said in front of Dean. Dean tells her that she will have to kill him before he leaves Roxy and that Ronnie hasn’t got the bottle to take him on.

Ronnie returns home and takes her pills out of the kitchen bin. Billy comes in asking for the salon equipment to be moved and sees the pills. He tells her that he knows someone who OD’d on them and fell asleep for a couple of days. She tells him about her run in with Dean and Billy jokingly says that if it were Phil he’d kill him. Ronnie takes this idea in but Billy reiterates that he was only joking. Later Ronnie heads to Blades to invite Roxy and Dean out to lunch to discuss buying Roxy out of the house. She tells Roxy that she is thinking of seeing a councillor and Roxy accepts the invitation. Billy returns to Ronnie’s to ask for a loan on behalf of Honey but she tells him she’s busy and expecting visitors. Billy worries Dean may be in danger. Ronnie calls Dean to tell him that there has been a change of plan and that they are going to have lunch at hers. She pours out two gin and tonics and hands one to Dean when he arrives. She sits watching him sip from the glass. He falters and says that there are bits in his drink. She smirks at him and tells him it must be the pills she crushed in it…

Whitney and Linda set up a banner in the living room for Lee’s birthday. Elaine isn’t impressed that Mick has invited Buster and Shirley over to celebrate with the family. They arrive and apologise for the fact that Lee’s present has been delayed. Mick tells them not to worry and welcomes them inside. Lee opens his present from Nancy and Tamwar; a West Ham scarf. Mick then announces that he has asked Lee to be his best man and that they are going suit shopping before lunch. Mick and Shirley are pleasantly surprised when Linda suggests Shirley joins them. Shirley, Tina, Lee and Mick head to the car as Elaine watches from the upstairs window disapprovingly. Billy rushes over to Mick to warn him that Dean is in danger. Mick gets into the car but doesn’t tell Shirley. In the suit shop Shirley becomes emotional, telling Mick that she could never have dreamed that she would be able to be a part of his day like this. She only wishes that he and Dean could settle their differences but Mick tells her this isn’t the time. They return to the Vic and Billy warns Mick again. Mick watches from the window as Dean walks towards Ronnie’s house. Linda approaches him asking if he’s ok to which he replies that he’s not.

There is tension between Claudette and Kim in number one as the family sit down for breakfast. Kim decides to replace a picture on the wall of Vincent singing with a portrait of her, Pearl and Vincent dressed in togas. Claudette looks at it judgmentally. Vincent has been let down by his DJ for tonight’s 80’s night at the Albert and so goes to ask Fatboy if he will fill in. Dot is visiting her granddaughter so he has the house to himself and agrees to DJ suggesting he gets out his old vinyl’s. Vincent and Donna bump into Fatboy later in the Vic and Vincent tells her that he approves of the two of them but it becomes clear that something is up. Claudette decides that it is time to put her foot down and places Vincent’s father’s ashes on a shelf in plain sight to keep an eye on things.


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