Ronnie downs another glass of wine in the Albert surrounded by broken glass. Dean grabs Roxy from the party and takes her to the Albert telling her he is concerned about Ronnie. Sharon finds the mess and tells Ronnie that she will sort it but Ronnie will have to pay. Ronnie doesn’t want to return to the party but Dean tries to reassure her. They return to the engagement party and Dean takes to the microphone. He thanks everyone for coming to celebrate with him and Roxy and then announces that Ronnie tried to pay him to leave. He explains that she wrecked the Albert when he refused and was the one who robbed his salon. Ronnie snaps at him and Roxy storms out.

Dean follows her to the flat and tells Roxy that she is allowing Ronnie to control her. Ronnie arrives and Roxy lets her in. The two talk and it becomes apparent to Ronnie that Roxy is slowly being turned against her. Roxy pleads with Ronnie not to make her chose between her and Dean. Later on, in their bedroom, Roxy and Dean are messing around on the bed until Dean grips Roxy’s wrist so hard that he hurts her. He is thrown when she tells him not to be so rough. His mind is elsewhere. Roxy follows him to the Vic where they find Ronnie talking to Mick. Ronnie spots the mark on Roxy’s wrist and follows her out of the pub. Outside in the Square Ronnie throws a glass at Dean’s feet to scare him and warns him to stay away from her sister. He tells her they are leaving Walford and Ronnie accuses him of running away like a scared little boy. He warns her to back down and she watches him as he walks away...

Honey asks Billy about the salon equipment in his flat and he admits he’s looking after it for Ronnie. Billy pleads with Honey to stay so he can be with her and the kids. Les comes in to find Honey and the kids but Honey is distracted by an answerphone message. It’s Will’s agent saying she isn’t renewing Will’s contract. Billy sees this as an opportunity to see Will and Honey more and he breaks the news gently to him. He says that they will take Will’s photos to every modelling agency in Soho and Honey agrees that they can stay for the night. The house is full so Les and Billy are left to share a bed. Honey gets ready for a night on the sofa in Billy’s West Ham t-shirt. Billy pours his heart out to Honey, apologising for the way things panned out. Billy and Les sit in bed talking about Billy’s feelings for Honey and Les tells him that if he doesn’t tell Honey how he feels he will regret it forever. Billy walks into the living room where Honey has just heard his answerphone message. He apologises and she tells him she loved it. She opens the sheets signalling for him to join her on the sofa.

Having unpacked after her trip to Birmingham Linda joins Mick behind the bar and tells him that she is happy for him and Shirley but doesn’t want everything else that comes with it, referring to Dean. Ronnie storms in and asks for vodka. Mick calms her down and tells her he’ll make her a coffee instead. The two sit at the bar after the Vic has emptied talking about the situation. Dean enters and tells Mick that he knows about him and Shirley and he is happy for them.

After the engagement party Kim takes Denise to see the new house. Denise isn’t impressed and leaves her to it. Once alone in the living room Kim prepares for Vincent to return home from work. She throws her coat and stands in her underwear only to be confronted by Claudette. Kim quickly covers her modesty and it becomes apparent that both women are going to be living together.

Tamwar finds Nancy reading the Quran and tells her that her hands need to be properly cleaned before handling it. He offers to lend her one of his modern translations to read. She asks about the page that has been marked and he recites his favourite surah. She listens intently and he translates it to her.


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