Roxy has been looking at local salons near the house that she and Dean are viewing to check out the competition. Dean tells her to leave the business stuff to him and is worried that he can’t find his keys to the salon. He gets there to find Paul stood outside waiting for him, everything has been taken. Meanwhile, Ronnie is fuming with Billy as he has hidden everything in his flat rather that in a lock up as discussed. Dean returns to the flat and blames Roxy saying she must have left the keys in the door. Buster tries to calm him down and asks if he is insured. Dean says that he has lost over £10,000 worth of equipment including a brand new £400 coffee machine.

Buster says that he overheard Lanky Bob in the bookies saying that Billy Mitchell was trying to sell one just like it. On the market Buster tells Ronnie about the fight between Dean and Roxy and she rushes to find her. Dean stops her from entering her room making it look like he has trapped Roxy. He tells Ronnie to give him the keys to the salon or he will call the police. Roxy returns with replacement salon equipment and Dean tells her that Ronnie has offered to pay for the refurbishment of the salon. This is news to Ronnie but Roxy is thrilled. Dean insists they have dinner together and the two sisters sit drinking Prosecco, reminiscing about their time in Spain. Dean gets Roxy’s attention by proposing to her. She is surprised but accepts and as they embrace he looks over at Ronnie, triumphant…

On the phone Mick reassures Linda that everything is ok in her absence. Elaine takes a toy from Ollie and warns Mick about giving him such cheap toys, not knowing it’s from Shirley. Downstairs she talks to Whitney, Babe and Nancy and asks that when she rings the bell they wipe the slate clean ready for the day ahead. Mick takes Lady Di to the park to see Shirley. They spot Carmel bringing Craig back from the vet. Whilst let off the lead Lady Di scares Craig out of his box and he bolts up the nearest tree. Carmel panics as he is scared of heights, as is she. She tells Mick that Craig doesn’t like men so it falls to Shirley to rescue him. She reluctantly gets onto Mick’s shoulders and is told that Craig will only respond if she sings his whole name ‘Craig Revel Horwood’. She does so and gets him down safely. Mick suggests he and Shirley go to a pub that isn’t being run by Elaine and promises to tell Linda about them meeting when she returns from Birmingham.

Later that night, in the Vic, Nancy notices a man checking her out and Elaine tells her to keep her options open. Aunt Babe has been checking the drinks behind the bar and lunges at Elaine. Mick and Lee break them apart and Babe accuses Elaine of watering down the spirits. Mick finally snaps and tells Elaine to go back to Watford if she doesn’t like the way he runs his pub. She is shocked at this and feigns a migraine. She comes downstairs with her bags packed and announces that she is leaving. Mick follows her outside asking her to stay and she tells him she knows he’s having an affair. Mick is shocked by this but before he can respond Carmel approaches and thanks him and Shirley for helping her earlier. Elaine is shocked to find that Mick has been meeting Shirley in secret.

Vincent collects Pearl as planned and takes her to a baby music class. Later, Kim gets ready for a night out at the Vic with Denise. They see Vincent at the bar with Carmel and in the ladies toilets Kim tells her to back off. But Carmel assures her that she isn’t a threat and tells her to show him what he’s missing. Kim intends to but in her drunken state her heel breaks and she falls to the floor. Vincent walks her out and she finally admits defeat. But Vincent tells her he doesn’t win if he doesn’t have her and the two kiss.

Pam lends Billy the money he needs to see Honey in Kent. In the Vic he drunkenly talks about Honey and Donna tells him to call her. He heads home and leaves a voicemail for her saying that he misses her and William.


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