Martin waits for Shabnam to open the morning’s newspaper delivery in the Minute Mart. Stacey has made the front page under the title ‘Miracle Baby’. He hasn’t told her about his interview with the paper as he wants it to be a surprise but as he scans the article he notices that they have said she is thirty-six. Shabnam finds it difficult to be enthusiastic about the whole thing and an excited Martin invites her to the Vic to celebrate with them. On the market Pam asks after the baby scan but Martin tells her that they weren’t given one.

Stacey asks Martin to make amends with Lee and invites Whitney to lunch. Denise asks Shabnam if she is ok as she is clearly struggling with the situation. Denise comforts her as her emotions overwhelm her. They head to Masood’s and talk things through. Shabnam tells Denise that today was her son’s due date. Denise tells her to look for the good rather than focus on the bad. Shabnam heads to the Vic to meet the others. Lee enters and Martin talks to him. Martin then decides to announce that he and Stacey are expecting a boy. Shabnam heads to the toilets and Stacey follows but Shabnam assures her that she is ok. She is getting married soon and Masood will be back for the wedding.

Stacey confides in Shabnam that she saw her dead father. Shabnam looks worried and asks if she has been taking her pills. This upsets Stacey and she storms out of the Vic. She sits in the flat looking at a photo of her baby scan. She hides it as Shabnam enters with Kush and Martin. Stacey is furious when she realises that Shabnam has told them about her seeing her dad. Martin agrees with her that hallucinations aren’t part of her bipolar but they are worried. Kush and Martin head back to the market and Shabnam stays with Stacey. While Stacey is in the bathroom Shabnam finds the scan photo and wonders why Stacey would hide it. Stacey snaps and rips the photo up demanding Shabnam leave. Stacey pushes her out of the door and slams it shut as the ripped photo falls to the floor...

Ronnie bumps into Mick carrying a box of wedding invitations. She apologises for Halloween night and he says that neither of them are murderers. He promises her that he won’t say anything to Roxy. Ronnie heads to blades to invite Dean and Roxy to the fireworks display on the common but Dean isn’t keen. They later visit her and Matthew at home but Dean is still adamant that they won’t go. Roxy follows him out of the house apologising to Ronnie. Ronnie holds Matthew and as she watches them she tells him that Roxy will be home soon.

The Carters are busy sorting out wedding invitations while Linda panics about the quality of the paper. Whitney suggests that she goes to a wedding fair and Mick agrees that it would be a good idea. Lee is still shaken by Stacey’s accident and Whitney tells him that Stacey and Martin are coming to the Vic for lunch. Mick heads to see Jane and asks her to take Linda to a wedding fair in Birmingham. He will pay for the hotel if she can make it look like her idea. She asks him if he is ok, he seems preoccupied. Jane asks Linda and says that they can stay at her brother’s. Mick goes to change a barrel and Linda follows, she knows that the wedding fair was his idea. She thanks him and says she will get him a present while she’s there.

Ian and Ben head to the police station to pick up Kathy who has been let out on bail and is being charged with fraud. She’s optimistic that the sentence will be suspended due to helping the police. They think that Gavin has gone abroad. She heads to Phil’s to see Sharon and asks if she helped Gavin to run away. Sharon tells her that she would never protect him. She tells Kathy to tell the family that Gavin has gone; this is her mess to deal with. Phil doesn’t accept Kathy’s apology and tells her to leave the Square. She makes it clear that she isn’t going anywhere. Later Ben approaches Phil for a loan but Phil makes it clear he won’t help Kathy. Kathy meets with Ben and he goes into Phil’s safe but it’s empty.


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