Gavin stands holding the lighter threateningly as Kathy pleads with him to see sense. She knows she was wrong to come back and defy him. She promises to leave with him in order to save Sharon and Ben. Just as Gavin falters Phil enters and hits him over the head with his crutch knocking him out. Whilst Phil deals with Gavin Sharon asks Kathy who Gavin’s sister is. Kathy shrugs it off saying that he is just bluffing but admits that he has two sisters, neither of which wants anything to do with him. One of them is called Margaret.

A moment later Sharon enters the living room with Phil to see Gavin tied up on the floor, still out cold. She tells Phil that she thinks Margaret could be her solicitor that helped in the search for her dad. Gavin stirs to find Sharon sat on the sofa, watching him intensely. She asks him for the truth. He hands her a black and white photograph that he has been carrying. The photo shows him, Ted (Kathy’s brother), Eric (Phil’s father) and Den. He explains that Carol had a breakdown after Sharon was born and he didn’t want to be a father but knew Den did. He traded Sharon for part in a bank job that Den was working on in Hackney. She looks at him in disbelief. He tells her that Den was her dad, not him. Phil returns to check on the situation and Dennis follows. He recognises Gavin as the man from the Beales’ kitchen earlier that night. Phil ushers him out of the room.

Phil and Sharon sit in the kitchen and he reluctantly tells her what Gavin did to him. He locked him alone in a room, with no windows and a boarded up door, with a bottle of scotch. He promises her that he won’t go near alcohol again. Kathy and Ben enter and Sharon decides it is time to call the police. Kathy pleads with her not to and latches on to Sharon’s blood connection to Gavin but Sharon won’t waver. She hits the panic button on the kitchen wall. She returns to the living room to confront Gavin. He tells her that the one thing he asked Den to do when he handed her over was to say hello from him every now and then, his little ‘princess’. Later on the police arrive and Phil points them to the living room but when they enter Gavin has gone...

Mick meets Ronnie in the Albert to discuss the situation with Dean. She tells him that he doesn’t need to know how but she will make Dean disappear if he can get him on his own tonight. She worries that Mick can’t handle the way she is talking but he sternly tells her that he can as the two down a shot each. Mick returns to the Vic to check on Linda. Tina is worried and asks if everything is ok to which he replies that it will be. He heads upstairs, Linda has been asleep. He leaves her alone and makes a call to book a hotel room. He then meets Shirley in the café and tells her that he and Linda were planning on going away for the night but Linda is ill and can’t make it. He offers the room to Shirley and Buster. Back at the Vic Tina tells the punters to get another round in before they announce the winner of the fancy dress competition.

Elaine says that they know who the loser is and looks at Aunt Babe. Mick walks past them and receives a call from Ronnie. He tells her that it’s done. He gives Shirley the information for the hotel and she thanks him. She tells him that she believes that looking after Jade is her chance to finally put things right. Mick watches through the Square as Buster and Shirley get ready to go, leaving Dean alone in the house. Ronnie approaches him. He has changed his mind. She can’t understand how he could back out after everything Dean has done but Mick knows that none of this will help matters. He leaves Ronnie looking up at Dean’s flat window. Mick returns to the Vic where Tina tells him that Abi is the competition winner. He announces it to the pub without a build-up and quickly exits upstairs to cuddle Linda on their bed.


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