Sharon’s concerned at Phil’s decision to discharge himself from hospital. Kathy ignores a call from Gavin and tells Ian to head to work; she’ll be fine. As he leaves, Gavin calls again. Ben’s unimpressed when he discovers that Jay’s got hold of some knock-off fireworks and is keeping them in the Arches. Kathy arrives and is greeted by a cold Ben, claiming that Phil’s a mess. Kathy admits to Ben that Gavin’s been calling her; Ben suggests telling the police but Kathy’s adamant that it won’t help.

Kathy asks Ben to warn Phil that things with Gavin aren’t over. Ben fills Phil in – Gavin’s been calling Kathy. Ben suggests that they talk to Marsden and have a panic button installed, but Phil suggests that Kathy could be playing him, just like she has before. Ben reminds Phil of the state that Gavin got him into but Ben’s concerns fall on deaf ears and Phil suggests that maybe Ben is in on Kathy’s game too. When a defensive Phil tells Ben that the sight of him and Paul together turned his stomach, Ben ups and leaves. Paul finds a riled Ben in the Arches, who explains that Gavin’s still out there and that it’s only a matter of time before he goes for Phil again. Paul berates Ben for living a lie, claiming that he won’t face up to who he really is.

Paul gives Ben food for thought when he suggests that Ben help Phil, whether or not Phil will let him. Ben arrives home and announces to Phil and Sharon that he’s having the panic button fitted, Phil reluctantly agrees. Kathy tells Ben that she’s called Marsden – the police are going to put a trace on Gavin. When Kathy voices her concerns, Ben takes Kathy’s phone to make a call. Ben meets Gavin, who’s expecting Kathy, at a café and demands that the two of them have a chat. Ben assures Gavin that he’s not scared of him and gives him an ultimatum – Gavin leaves for good, or he gets locked up. Ben fills Ian, Sharon and Kathy in – he’s persuaded Gavin to leave them alone; he watched him leave on a train. As Cora hangs around outside the tube station, she asks a stranger for a lighter. The man accepts – it’s Gavin. It’s clear Gavin’s going nowhere as he heads back towards Albert Square...

Stacey invites Shabnam to a Halloween party at hers, but she declines – citing wedding plans to sort. Stacey’s floored when Martin informs her that Kush has stated that he’s calling off the wedding. Martin catches up with Kush and Kush fills Martin in – Shabnam didn’t say a word about getting married until she saw Jade’s social worker – Kush believes that Shabnam wants to use their marriage as something to use in court. At the Masood’s, Stacey reminds Shabnam that her’s and Kush’s wedding is happening alarmingly fast. Shabnam admits that she still hasn’t told Masood her wedding plans. Kush arrives back and asks to speak to Shabnam in private. Kush queries whether, if Shabnam wasn’t applying for custody of Jade, she’d still want to marry him so soon. Stacey and Martin try to convince Kush that he and Shabnam are right for each other – he shouldn’t give up on them. In the park, Shabnam apologises for her rash decision and suggests that they postpone the wedding. Martin congratulates Kush when Kush declares that there will be a wedding after all. Martin then swiftly drops the bombshell that he’s going to ask Stacey to marry him.

An excited Linda tells Mick and Elaine that there’s been a cancellation at their desired wedding venue. As Mick and Linda discuss their wedding invite list, Linda’s mood takes a funny turn when Elaine remarks on the difficult year that she’s had. As Mick looks for Linda in the café, he crosses Shirley and the pair agree to spend some time together. At Shirley’s flat, Dean unexpectedly arrives – Shirley demands that Mick hides in the bedroom. Mick’s unimpressed, but Shirley reminds him that he’s hiding her from Linda. Back in the Vic, Mick firmly tells Ronnie to stop hassling Linda over Dean, but Ronnie’s reluctant to give up.

Fatboy’s unimpressed when a hungover Lee arrives at work late. Whitney clocks the exchange and intercepts, just as Fatboy declares that Lee having a job at the Car Lot isn’t working. Whitney heads to see Fatboy alone and promises to make sure that it won’t happen again. Lee returns later and delivers the good news that Fatboy is letting him keep his job. Whitney’s disappointed when Lee dismisses the idea of the pair of them staying in together, instead wanting to have a drink.


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