Sharon stares in shock at dishevelled and battered Phil. Phil’s clearly in pain but refuses to see a doctor and just wants a shave, to Sharon’s surprise. Sharon reveals Kathy told the police everything and took DCI Marsden to Gavin’s house where they found Phil’s blood. Phil says Gavin had two heavies keeping him locked up but he escaped. Sharon wants to know what Gavin did to him. Phil avoids the question, claims he’ll sort Gavin himself and limps from the room when Sharon persists. Sharon’s despairing to Ben and Jay that something’s not right when they hear a thud from the hallway and find Phil collapsed and bleeding.

Outside, stunned Kathy watches as Phil’s loaded into an ambulance. Sharon wipes Phil’s blood on Kathy’s hands and orders her to stay away. At the hospital, it transpires Phil has a broken leg and wrist, and four cracked ribs. Marsden arrives. She offers to install a panic button until Gavin’s caught but Phil refuses. Marsden suspects Phil’s not telling the truth – why didn’t he escape sooner if it was so easy to overpower Gavin’s heavies? Phil stays quiet. Phil wonders if Sharon’s happy to have him home given the way they parted.

Although Sharon’s glad Phil’s safe, they’ll have to wait and see. Alone, Phil jumps at sudden noises and tries to control his shaking hands. Ben faces Phil, who wants to know if Ben was involved in the plan to clean him out. Ben wants to wipe the slate clean and forget everything that happened, including his dalliance with Paul. Phil agrees, then asks a stunned Ben to get him a bottle of scotch - he’s been drinking to help him sleep. When Kathy appears, Phil roars at her and Ben marches Kathy out, but fills her in on Phil’s injuries. Kathy’s certain they’ve not seen the last of Gavin and suspects Phil’s hiding something. Ben returns to find Phil shaking violently; Phil pleads again for scotch, gasping Gavin swore he’d break him. Ben holds shaking Phil, horrified.

Delighted Kush scoops Shabnam into his arms and parades around the market. Martin’s surprised to hear they’re getting married next week. Masood gets a phone call from his brother, Imzamam. Shabnam ’s organised the blessing and registry office, and Kush recruits Martin’s help with the honeymoon and reception. Martin thinks it’s a bit sudden and fishes it’s good to see Shabnam happy after she was upset about Jade’s residency application, but excitable Kush won’t listen. Masood announces he’s going to Pakistan after his father had a second heart attack. Shabnam declines to reveal her news. Later, Kush suggests postponing the wedding but Shabnam refuses, insisting Masood will be back in time. Curious, Kush wonders why Shabnam wanted to talk to Stacey about the residency application but Shabnam claims she just wanted advice. Later, Kush and Martin pour over honeymoon destinations on Shabnam’s laptop; Kush comes across the residency application and sees the name ‘Shabnam Kazemi’ now filled in. With Stacey gone off spicy foods, Kush offers to fetch fish and chips and races off. Martin’s pursues and demands to know what’s wrong. Agitated Kush declares the wedding’s not happening.

When Dean enters the Vic, Mick wants to throw him out. Linda claims not to mind, but lurking Ronnie knows Dean makes Linda’s skin crawl, and persists she’ll never move on with him still on the Square. Lee clocks the exchange; he and Mick question a rattled Linda about her supposed book club with Ronnie. Linda admits there’s no book club and tells them the truth, but insists she wants no part of Ronnie’s scheme and makes Mick promise not to get involved. Lee insists Ronnie is trouble and he can’t just do nothing, but Mick’s adamant he won’t break his promise. Whitney’s concerned when frustrated Lee shrugs off their cinema plans and just wants a drink. Later, Mick watches Dean cross the Square with Roxy. Ronnie appears at his side and the pair share a look.

Buster’s pleased Jade has a new foster family but concerned that Shabnam’s applying for residency too. Dean refuses to worry. Later, Buster reports that their assessment went well and he and Shirley are having their first unsupervised visit with Jade on Bonfire night.

Cora badgers Billy for scraps from Beale’s Plaice.


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