Jane nervously looks out of the living room window as Ian assures her that Kathy won’t have gone to the police. In the police interview room, Kathy tells Marsden that Gavin has kidnapped Phil; Phil’s in huge danger. Marsden reluctantly agrees to take her claims seriously and questions where Gavin is - Kathy doesn’t know. Ian firmly tells Jane that he just wants to forget about Kathy – he’s sure she won’t be back now that there’s no money in it for her. The pair are confused when they clock Marsden heading over to Phil’s. Ben answers the door to Marsden, who states that she’s come to talk to Phil. Jay arrives and the pair cover that Phil’s in Portugal, seeing Grant; Marsden’s unimpressed with the obvious lie.

Ben storms in to the café looking for Kathy – Ian summons Ben back to the Beales’. Ian informs Ben that he knows he and Kathy were planning to fleece him and run away. Ian states that he doesn’t blame Ben for wanting to disappear with Kathy. Ian panics when Ben informs Ian that Kathy has gone to the police; Gavin has Phil. Ian dismisses Ben’s claims and purports that Kathy is still lying, but Ben is adamant that it’s the truth and begs for Ian’s help. Marsden asks Kathy to think harder about any idea she may have of where Gavin is. Cogs whir, and Kathy remembers that Gavin’s sister’s house used to be his – he’s probably taken Phil there. Ian suggests that he’ll phone Gavin and reason with him, and has the number dialled before Ben can stop him. Gavin’s unimpressed to answer the phone to Ian and tells him that he now knows Kathy has messed up. Ben’s furious and claims that they should have just gone to the police – Phil’s in real danger. Outside Gavin’s sister’s house, a police squad approach the front door and barge their way in as Kathy and Marsden watch on. An officer emerges from the house and states that there’s no sign of Gavin, but tells Marsden that there’s something she should see. Kathy runs into the house to find Marsden observing an enormous amount of splattered blood over the walls and floor.

Les tells Pam that he’s asked Claudette to bring over Christine’s things. Paul enters and clocks the severely awkward atmosphere. Pam tells Paul that she’d rather he made himself scarce, but assures him that Les and Claudette aren’t having an affair; she and Les just have things to sort. Pam struggles to comprehend how Les talks about Christine in the third person – Les suggests that once Pam has met Christine, she’ll understand. Pam tearfully tells Les that things between them will never be the same again. Claudette arrives at the Cokers’ and drops off a bag full of Christine’s things.

As she goes to leave, Pam asks her to stay and help Les get ready as she usually does. Pam nervously waits in the living room as Claudette and Les get Christine ready. Once Les is changed, Claudette says her goodbyes and leaves a nervy Pam to wait alone. The bedroom door opens and Les, dressed as Christine appears. Pam’s gobsmacked at the figure standing before her. Les explains to Pam that when he dresses as Christine, he leaves Les behind; everything changes. Les explains that when he’s being Christine, it’s a break from being the man who can’t cope with things. Christine states that both she and Les just want Pam to understand, as well as there being no more secrets.

When Pam questions where they go from here, Christine purports that she’d like the two of them to become friends. As Pam tentatively takes Christine’s hand, Paul enters having forgotten his wallet – he’s stunned at the sight before him. A shocked Paul wants answers, disbelieving that Les has just dropped this bombshell on Pam. When Pam claims that he’s not her Les, a frantic Les whips off his wig and breaks down. Pam suggests that Les isn’t the man she married – she can’t accept what she sees. Pam tells a sobbing Les that she’s leaving; it’s over. Paul edges into Les and Pam’s bedroom to find a broken Les sobbing that he’s lost Pam forever...


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