Kathy sits in disbelief as Ian reveals that it was Bobby who killed Lucy. Ian explains that he and Jane have covered up the secret to protect Bobby – he was over the age of criminal responsibility and could have been locked up. Ian informs Kathy that Bobby has no idea what he did; he can’t find out. Abi finds a drunk Ben in the Arches and tries to calm him. Ben takes out his frustrations on Abi as he aggressively claims that he wishes Kathy was still dead. An emotional Ian tells Kathy how much he’s needed her over the years and begs her to stay to help him deal with things.

As Kathy goes to open up to Ian, she is interrupted by Abi bursting in, needing help with a drunk Ben. In the Arches, Ian and Kathy pick up a slurring Ben. Ben tries to tell Ian of Phil’s troubles with Gavin, but Kathy manages to convince him to keep quiet and promises she’ll get things sorted. As Ian and Kathy tuck Ben in on the sofa, Kathy suggests that her return might be too much for everyone. Ian hastily shoots this idea down, claiming that her being back is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. A guilty-looking Kathy insists that they head back to the Beales’ – there’s things she needs to tell him.

Kathy comes clean to Ian – she hasn’t left Gavin, the reason they came back was to get more money. Kathy admits that she’s been in touch with Phil for years; he’s been giving her money for the last eight months to stay away. Kathy explains that Gavin has Phil and desperately needs to meet him with the money that Ian was going to give her as a deposit. Ian’s even more taken aback when he realises that Ben was also in on the deceit. Ian’s heartbroken and brands Kathy a con-artist, before grabbing Kathy’s bag and bundling her out of the back door. Jane finds a morose Ian who fills her in that he’s thrown Kathy out. Jane panics when Ian admits that he told Kathy the truth about Bobby and Lucy. Ian reassures Jane that Kathy is on the run so won’t go near the police, but Kathy walks into Walford police station and asks to report a crime...

Patrick and Denise console an upset Kim, who’s disappointed that Vincent’s left. The pair purport that Kim’s done the right thing; Vincent’s a cheat. As Roxy gets ready to go out and meet Ronnie, an angry Dean appears, stating that he’s spoken to Denise. As Ronnie heads to the Vic she crosses Claudette who begins to remind her how much Kim loves Vincent. Ronnie cuts her off – Vincent was the one who couldn’t stay away. As Ronnie waits in the Vic, her heart sinks as Denise, Kim and Patrick enter – Denise cattily asks Ronnie how many men she has on the go. Kim receives a text and swiftly decides to head home. Ronnie’s bitterly disappointed when she spots Dean heading into the Vic behind Roxy. Roxy approaches Denise and apologises for throwing water over her before heading back out. As Ronnie chases the pair, Roxy suggests that the two meet another time; it’s obvious that Dean is influencing her and Kathy watches on in despair.

Vincent arrives at Patrick’s to a frosty Kim. Kim’s stunned when Vincent presents a set of keys –he’s bought them a house; number 1 Albert Square. Kim fails to contain her excitement, just as an unimpressed Patrick and Denise arrive back – their hostility drives Vincent to leave. When Ronnie tries to assure Kathy that Roxy’s too clever to be controlled by Dean, Kathy reminds her of the way that she was sucked in by Gavin. As Linda locks up the Vic alone, she’s shocked when Ronnie emerges from the shadows and claims that something needs to be done about Dean. When Linda suggests that he’s not her problem anymore, Ronnie merely states that if Linda ever wants her help, she knows where she is.

As Pam awkwardly approaches Les, Les assures her that his revelations don’t change the way he feels about her. Pam responds that she’s always treasured how they were honest with each other; Les lying to her is what she’s struggling to come to terms with. Les tells Pam that he has been` out dressed as ‘Christine’ – being abroad in Gran Canaria with Claudette is the only time he feels brave enough. Les explains that he’s not sure he can live without Pam or Christine. It’s tense as Pam heads to bed without Les. As Les and Pam both struggle to sleep, they meet at the bedroom door and Pam suggests that she should meet Christine.


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