Bobby asks Kathy what it was like pretending to be dead and talks about losing Lucy. Kathy’s unnerved when Gavin phones; she rejects the call and promises to be there when Bobby returns from school. When Ian phones, Kathy heads for the café with the cash box, ignoring another call from Gavin. Kathy arrives to find Ian rushed off his feet. Ian’s nervous when Kathy remarks she can tell Bobby misses Lucy. Kathy’s hesitant when Ian pleads she help out for half an hour but agrees. Kathy recognises Claudette from working at the Roxy on Spring Lane. Ben’s surprised to see Kathy in the café.

Kathy frets about their plan, suggesting maybe Gavin won’t hurt Phil after all. Ben insists they’ll find a way to pay Ian back. Kathy handles Denise and Roxy’s spat like a pro, laughing she’s not had this much fun in ages. Outside, she’s watching the busy market with a smile when Gavin suddenly grabs her. Gavin questions why she’s ignored his calls; Kathy promises the money is coming but suggests if they turned themselves into the police they could stay. Gavin scoffs he spent his life trying to get away from Walford and orders her to get the money or Phil’s a dead man - now he knows where Ian and Ben live too… Kathy’s stricken. Gavin soothes no-one will get hurt if she gets the money tonight.

Kathy returns to the Beales’ to find Ian cooking a family dinner, enthusing having her back is all he could’ve wished for. Over dinner, Ian announces he’s re-naming the café ‘Kathy’s’ and offers Kathy the job of running it, to Jane’s shock. Kathy regrets she can’t, and refuses to take the money for the flat deposit either. Ben storms out, shouting that he’ll never forgive Kathy. Bobby gets angry that Kathy’s leaving and Jane sends him upstairs. Kathy promises everything will be alright. Bobby just wants Kathy to stay - Kathy does too. Downstairs, Jane suspects Kathy’s not being honest with them. Ian points out they aren’t either, but Jane insists Ian can’t know who Kathy is anymore. Later, Kathy has something to tell Ian. Ian interrupts and tells Kathy that Bobby killed Lucy.

Having slept on the sofa, Les’ made breakfast but Pam ignores his pleas to talk. Later, Donna finds tear-stained Pam hiding out in the funeral parlour. She’s surprised Pam hasn’t talked to Les yet and is angry with Claudette. Pam resolves to face things head on, summons Claudette to the Vic and demands answers. Claudette explains when she found out 10 years ago Pam was grieving and Les begged her not to say anything. Pam despairs there must be something missing from their marriage and doesn’t know what to do. Claudette insists Les doesn’t want to be a woman and is the same person Pam married. When Claudette makes Pam consider what her own advice as a social worker would be, Pam knows she has to talk to Les. Alone, Pam sobs her heart out as she listens to ‘At Last’.

Mick tries to assure a stressed Linda that Elaine will soon go home. Linda wishes Lee luck for his trial at the car lot. Whitney reminds him to confirm his doctor’s appointment. At the car lot, Lee stifles his laughter as Fatboy lectures him in the art of selling cars but immediately picks up the patter and gets the job. At the Vic, Linda fumes that Elaine’s had their Halloween flyers printed before she approved the design.

The boiler’s broken in Patrick’s house and Vincent promises to get it fixed. Denise clocks the awkwardness between Kim and Vincent. Kim tells Denise that Vincent’s ‘other woman’ was Ronnie. In the café, Denise can’t resist a pop at Roxy about Ronnie. Roxy throws a drink in her face. Kim opens up to Claudette and doesn’t know if she can trust Vincent. Claudette thinks Vincent needs a reminder of what he’s in danger of losing. Later, Vincent comes home with a toy for Pearl and enthuses Kim’s surprise is nearly ready. Kim rants she won’t be taken for a fool. Vincent protests he’s securing their future but Kim won’t listen. Vincent walks out.

Roxy reports she threw a drink in Denise’s face for Ronnie. Amused, Ronnie suggests going for last orders in the Vic to catch up properly.


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