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Kathy and Laurie share a few drinks at the flat and Kathy has doubts about him. Pat confides in Pauline over Diane. Frank turns up at the police station in a livid mood, telling the officers they aren't doing enough. Hazel offers to help Ian in the café. Frank takes matters into his own hands and goes looking for Diane himself in Leeds.

Frank has no luck finding Diane following his brief search. They decide to go to the police station to report her missing.

Kathy is agitated over her date with Laurie. She is unsure what she wants.

D.I. Burrows talks with Frank and Pat about Diane. He rules out suicide and draws attention to the fact Diane left on her own accord. Frank gets irritated with D.I. Burrows' implications and demands they search for her.

Kathy and Laurie head to bed together, but once there, Kathy realises she is not ready for sex and pushes him away. Laurie feels compared with Willmott-Brown and reminds her not every man is like him.

Doctor Legg checks up on Pauline - she insists she is better but Doctor Legg issues her with more rest until she is fighting fit.

Frank learns that Big Ron saw Diane getting into a black taxi at King's Cross. He thinks she has gone up to Leeds to see Paul.

Ian struggles balancing work at the café with looking after Cindy.

Ricky blames himself for Diane's disappearance. Mo is unsure what to do with herself. The police visit Pauline to ask her about Diane.

Dot tells Simon about Rod's squatting and thinks someone should tell Colin to teach Rod a lesson.

Sohail supports Ricky. The pair phone Diane's friends who live around King's Cross to see if she is residing with one of them.

Ian closes the café after becoming stressed. Hazel notices the café closed and insists Cindy and Ian take time off whilst she and Rod run the café for them.

Laurie tells Kathy if their relationship is to continue, they need to go slower.

Frank decides to head to Leeds to find Diane, convinced she has runaway to Paul. He tells Ricky to look after the family in his absence.


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