A frantic Jane questions Max over why he’s come to see her – Max states that he’s determined to find out why Jane lied for him. Jane brushes it off as a gut feeling, but Max doesn’t buy it, sure that Jane and Ian are hiding something. Jane suggests to Max that he hand himself in, but Max is adamant that he can’t handle it. When Max recounts how awful prison would be, Jane tells Max that he has to keep running – and she can help him. Jane presents Max with an idea – she’ll drive him to the ferry port in Fishguard so that he can travel to Rosslare. Jane’s keen for them to leave and pops outside to check that the coast is clear.

Jane returns to discover that Max has found one of Louie’s socks and he refuses to leave until he sees him, Abi and Lauren. Jane reluctantly agrees to go and get them when Max threatens to go himself. Jane’s flummoxed when she arrives at the Butchers’ to discover that Lauren and Abi have left. Jane asks Carol to send them straight over when they return. Stacey arrives at the Beales’ and is adamant that Jane only lied for Max because she’s hiding something. Stacey’s unimpressed when Max announces that he’s going on the run. Max tells Stacey that she was always the one and kisses her, but refuses her offer of help.

As Jane and Max sit in a tense silence, there’s a knock at the door – it’s Carol, who’s worked out that Max is hiding there. Max revels in getting to hold Louie but Jane quickly breaks the moment – they need to get going. Jane takes a phone call from Carol who informs her that Abi’s called the police on Max – Carol’s getting the car. With Max realising his fate is sealed, he demands that Jane tell him the truth. Max twigs that Jane’s covering for someone and remembers Jane claiming that mothers will always protect their children; Max asks Jane outright if it was Bobby who killed Lucy and her reaction speaks volumes. Lauren bursts in and Max is horrified to discover that Lauren already knows the truth. Max exits the Beales’ to be immediately arrested. As the residents of the Square watch on, Max screams incessantly that he’s knows the truth – Bobby Beale killed Lucy...

Linda’s concerned when Mick fills her in that Lee’s not been turning up at work – and he’s been let go. Mick explains that Lee may be depressed; the doctor has put him on medication. In the Vic bar, Linda desperately tries to talk to Lee but he brushes her off and puts on a jokey façade to the customers. Under the pretence that a barrel needs changing, Linda corners Lee in the barrel store and asks him to sit with her, claiming she’s feeling stressed. Linda meekly asks Lee whether he thought she was weak for being open and crying over the way that Dean made her feel. When Lee reassures her that she’s one of the strongest people he knows, Linda questions why Lee feels like he has to hide how he’s feeling. Lee suggests that it’s different – he has no excuse to be feeling low. Linda assures Lee that he doesn’t have to pretend to be strong for her and makes him promise that he’ll take his pills every day.

Carol admits to Sonia that when Max bolted from court, it crossed her mind that he was lucky to have the self-belief to keep on fighting. Carol reflects on how she struggles to ever put herself first. Lauren begs Carol to persuade Abi to leave the Mitchell’s – believing that she’s being brainwashed. Carol is reluctant – adamant that she doesn’t want to be relied on to mend people anymore. An angry Abi bursts in and purports that she doesn’t need anyone; she has Ben. As Lauren chases after Abi, Carol is left holding Louie.

Carol heads over to the Beales’ to discover Max hiding out. When Carol realises that Jane is helping Max go on the run to Ireland, she suggests that she go with him. Despite Jane’s best protests, Carol is adamant and purports that she’ll drive herself and Max in Sonia’s car. Robbie and Sonia are bemused when a frantic Carol returns home and announces that she’s off on holiday. Abi and Lauren arrive – Carol takes them into the kitchen and tells them that Max is at Jane’s and he wants to say goodbye. As Carol sends Lauren and Abi over to the Beales’, Abi phones the police, informing them that Max is on the Square.


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