Jane stares at a newspaper headline ‘Lucy Trial; Jury to Decide’. She conceals a text message from Sharon; she announces it’s her one year anniversary and she’s filing for divorce, to Jane’s alarm. On the market, Stacey berates Donna and Pam for gossiping about the trial and accosts uneasy Jane, demanding to know why she didn’t come forward sooner to give Max an alibi. In prison, Marcus preps Max for the last day of open court. Jane meets Phil in the Arches; he reports the foreman of the jury will ensure a ‘not guilty’ verdict and wants her help to get Sharon back as promised.

Stacey visits Max in prison; Max swears he never touched Jane and doesn’t understand why she’s lying. At the Beales’, Lauren’s frustrated Jane isn’t attending court and frets the jury might not believe her story. Jane promises things will go Max’s way and seeks out Sharon in the Albert. When Sharon’s immediately suspicious of Jane’s attempts to make her reconsider divorce, Jane admits tells her the truth. Later, Phil arrives home with anniversary flowers to find Jane waiting with Sharon, who’s fuming Phil could be so stupid as to pay off the foreman. Phil rounds on Jane who protests she’s delivered her side of the bargain - the only thing that will stop Sharon from filing for divorce is if Phil is honest.

Meanwhile, during closing speeches in court, the prosecution spins a story that Max killed Lucy in a violent rage and asks the jury to find him guilty. At Phil’s house, Phil wonders if Sharon really wants a divorce and explains he only paid off the jury so Jane would help him get Sharon back; he knows he should open up more. Sharon’s weary but can’t help being touched. A panicking Lauren phones Jane to report the jury have gone to deliberate. Jane steels herself and heads for court. When Stacey questions Jane’s story, Lauren insists she’s just trying to help. Abi gets upset when Ben hopes Max gets a life sentence - or it could be them in the dock next. Jane arrives as they’re called back into court and locks eyes with Max.

Everyone waits on tenterhooks… but the foreman reports they haven’t reached a verdict. Jane bolts for the toilets and Sharon follows. Jane frets the foreman has no intention of doing what he promised. Sharon suggests if Max is found guilty it might not be a bad thing - if he gets off the police won’t stop until they find out the truth. While they wait for a verdict, Lauren worries about Max but Abi hopes he’s found guilty. Heading back into court, Lauren stops Jane and announces she’s telling the truth. Alarmed, Jane grabs Lauren and hisses they’ve paid off the jury so Max will get off. Lauren’s stunned into silence. Unseen, Ian appears at the door to listens as the clerk asks the foreman for a verdict. The foreman says ‘guilty’. Ian slips away as the court explodes; Stacey and Carol shout for justice. Max suddenly vaults over the dock and bolts for the door. DS Bryant gives chase but Max floors him with a punch and runs for his life.

Preoccupied to spot Dean on Bridge Street, Mick snaps at Whitney for gossiping instead of working. Shirley’s worried to find him eyeing Blades and begs him to not to do anything – today of all days. Shirley drags him to the park to talk properly and asks if Linda went away because of the anniversary of the rape. Mick explains it was his idea - he thinks about ripping Dean limb from limb and doesn’t understand how Shirley can sit on the fence. Shirley wants to help but Mick realises Linda’s the only person he needs. Later, bag packed, Mick’s exiting the Vic when Linda suddenly arrives home from holiday with Nancy and Oliver.

Robbie gushes to an unenthusiastic Carol about houses in Milton Keynes but realises she doesn’t want to move. Carol insists Max needs her more and thinks Robbie can manage without her. Sonia and Tina find melancholy Robbie in the café with Sami; Tina thinks Max is a lost cause and Carol should concentrate on her own life. Robbie despairs that Carol’s pulled out of moving and without her he’ll screw up again. Although exasperated that Robbie’s already bought a puppy ‘Wellard the 2nd’, Sonia comforts he can handle anything.


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