An anxious Jane reels from her statement as Sharon asks Lauren whether she knew what Jane was going to do. Lauren states she merely read Jane’s card to Ian and thought it best to come to court. The prosecution sarcastically tells Jane that it’s obvious she assumes her alibi is water-tight. When questioned why she didn’t mention her relations with Max before, Jane claims she was in a state of shock, having lost Lucy. The prosecution point out a discrepancy in Jane’s statements – she initially said that she headed to the Car Lot after putting the bins out at 10.30pm, but today claimed it was midnight. Jane firmly maintains that she is telling the truth. After court is dismissed, Keeble approaches and reminds Jane that if the jury don’t agree with her, they’ll be having words.

Masood overhears Shirley discussing Jane’s revelation with Denise and Kim. Back at the Beales’, Jane tells Lauren and Sharon to leave her alone – she just wants to forget that today ever happened. Masood bangs on the back door and demands to know whether Jane really slept with Max. Jane claims she did but Masood is adamant that she’s lying. Later, Jane finds Masood on his stall who asks her whether she’s covering for someone, but Jane can barely meet his gaze. As Jane returns home, Sharon calls her into the living room where an angst-ridden Carol is waiting. Carol begs for answers from Jane and when she infers that she doesn’t believe her, Sharon and Lauren both support Jane’s claims. Jane heads to Phil’s house and asks him to help Max get off, claiming she can repay him by helping him to get Sharon back. Outside court, as the foreman of the jury gets into his car, he is accosted by Phil, telling him that they’re going for a drive...

Ronnie lets in Vincent who tells her that Charlie won’t be bothering her again. Roxy barges in, telling Ronnie they need to talk. Dean arrives and asks Roxy out for lunch – she declines, but Ronnie suggests that she come too. As Ronnie leaves the room, Roxy admits to Dean that she thinks Ronnie may have done something stupid. Ronnie, Roxy and Dean sit in an awkward silence in the café. When Dean brings up Charlie, Ronnie quickly interjects that his mum had a fall, hence his disappearance. Roxy’s suspicious – Charlie hates Yvonne. Roxy reluctantly shows Ronnie Charlie’s wallet – filling her in that Masood found it in the bin, but Ronnie remains impenetrable.

When Roxy suggests that Ronnie’s story sounds strange, Ronnie gets defensive and reminds Roxy that she was happy to go along with their plan. Dean immediately questions the nature of their plan – Ronnie explains how Roxy lulled Charlie into a trap. As Ronnie leaves the pair alone, Dean grabs Roxy’s arm as he mentions her sleeping with Charlie. Ronnie clocks the situation and shouts at Dean to get his hands off of Roxy. Roxy catches up with Ronnie and tells her that she’s sick of being her puppet, but Ronnie brands Roxy’s and Dean’s relationship as a sick joke.

Roxy arrives back at Shirley’s flat and admits that Ronnie’s trying to mess things up between them. Dean tells Roxy he’ll take her into town – he’ll even do her hair for her. Home alone, Ronnie makes a phone call, telling the person on the other end that she needs to see them. Vincent arrives at Ronnie’s who leads him upstairs, claiming that she never got to thank him properly. As Dean does Roxy’s hair, his hand slips and he burns her neck. Dean profusely apologises but his face suggests it wasn’t an accident.

Sonia’s fuming at Robbie’s attempt to steal from her purse. Robbie admits that he’s messed up – he borrowed some cash for a scheme that claimed he’d double his money. Sonia’s face falls when Robbie confesses that he’s lost nearly twenty thousand pounds and Nita’s thrown him out. Having been filled in on Robbie’s actions, Carol angrily summons him downstairs, before telling him that she wants his bags packed by the time she’s back from going to see Jane. Later, Carol returns home to an apologetic Robbie. Carol suggests that Robbie stay in Walford until he gets back on his feet. Robbie informs her that Bianca’s told him he can get a job driving one of Terry’s cabs and suggests that Carol join him in Milton Keynes.

As Phil passes the café, Shirley winds him up by reminding him that Sharon’s left him just before their anniversary. Phil calls Shirley jealous and is disbelieving when she claims she’s happy with Buster.


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