Carol tries to console an anxious Abi who’s worried she’ll get in trouble for lying in court, suggesting that anyone accused or murder would lash out. Lauren arrives with Louie, wanting to be filled in – Abi comes clean that she told the judge that Max killed Lucy, after Marcus tried to accuse Abi. Abi explains that she never told the police that she hit Lucy – Max must have told him. In court, Marcus Christie interrogates Abi, who apologises for lying in court. Later, as Max sits in his cell and starts a letter to Abi, he is informed that he has a visitor – it’s Lauren. Lauren tells Max that she believes he’s innocent but that he’s disgusted in her – and Abi won’t be interested in his excuses. As Lauren turns to go, Max questions why Lauren can be so sure he didn’t kill Lucy; Lauren falters and leaves .

Phil gets a phone call and heads away from Ben’s earshot to take it – it’s Kathy, pleading with him to come over, she still has things she needs to say. After she puts the phone down, there’s a knock at her hotel room door. Phil finds Sharon in The Albert and begs her to come home, claiming he’s missing her, but Sharon claims it’s too little too late. Phil heads back to Kathy’s hotel room and firmly states that he wants nothing more to do with her – he’s surprised when Kathy meekly accepts. After Phil leaves, Gavin emerges from the bathroom, pleased with Kathy’s behaviour.

Ronnie finds an uptight Dean on the Masala Masood stall – Roxy promised she’d be back in time from dropping Amy to the airport but is a no show. An irate Dean leaves the stall, claiming it’s Roxy’s problem. As Roxy dashes through the tube station, she bumps into Charlie. Charlie attempts to persuade Roxy that they have a second chance together, adamant that he’s thought of answers to all of her objections about running away together. Roxy arrives on the stall, unimpressed when Ronnie tells her of Dean’s selfishness. Ronnie informs Roxy that she’ s taking Matthew to the doctor’s; he has a rash. Ronnie pushes Matthew past the War Memorial where Charlie is sat, but blocks Charlie’s attempt to say hello to Matthew.

When Charlie catches up with Roxy later, he once again tries to persuade her to agree for them to move to France together – he has a friend who can help them get work. Charlie admits to Fatboy that he’s taking Roxy to France – before begging Fatboy not to say anything to Dot. Roxy arrives and asks Charlie for more details about his idea; the pair share an excited kiss. Roxy’s surprised when she discovers that Charlie is planning to bring Matthew too. As Roxy goes to leave, Charlie asks Roxy to get hold of Matthew’s passport. As Roxy arrives back at number 27, Ronnie admits that she didn’t go to the doctors for Matthew – she went for herself; her nerves are shredded. Ronnie shows Roxy that the doctor gave her Diazepam – Roxy reminds Ronnie that their mum was addicted to them; she’s concerned. When Roxy asks what she can do to help, Ronnie suggests she try being her sister again. As Fatboy tries to convince Charlie that what he’s doing is a bad idea, Roxy arrives and shows Charlie that’s she’s managed to get hold of Matthew’s passport. Roxy returns to Ronnie who asks whether Charlie fell for it. As Roxy claims he has, Ronnie thanks her sister, elated that they’ve got away with tricking Charlie...

In the doctor’s room, Lee confides that he’s been feeling down and struggling to get up in the mornings. Mick’s taken aback when Lee admits it’s been going on for months. The doctor suggests a blood test to check for an underactive thyroid and states that Lee’s condition sounds like reactive depression. The doctor puts Lee down for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, before giving him some anti-depressants. Back at the Vic, Lee inwardly despairs as Mick presents him with a glass of water and his first tablet. Alone with Lee, Aunt Babe reminds Lee that he can talk to her if feels as though there’s no-one else. Lee makes to take his tablet, but once Babe leaves the room, he spits it back out.

Dot asks Fatboy to take Cora some breakfast as she’s not emerged from her bedroom. A concerned Fatboy returns and informs Dot that Cora’s gone – her bed’s not been slept in and all her stuff has gone.


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