A frantic Jane rushes into the maternity unit and is pointed in the direction of Lauren’s room. Jane’s gobsmacked to enter and find Lauren holding her baby, with Carol and Abi by her side. Abi fills Jane in – Lauren’s had a little boy named Louie. As Jane gushes over Louie, Carol reminds Abi that they’re due in court soon. A conflicted Max has a pre-court discussion with Marcus. Marcus attempts to persuade Max that they need to sew confusion, but Max refuses to take on board Marcus’ suggestions. Alone with Abi, Lauren pleads with her, adamant that Max is innocent. Abi firmly states that she won’t lie; Lauren reminds her that whatever Abi thinks of him, he’s still their dad. As Abi and Carol leave for court, Lauren asks Abi to try and let Max know about Louie. Alone with Jane, Lauren shows her contempt for how hard the trial must be on Max.

Jane assures Lauren that she never meant for Sharon to find out the truth, explaining that she stumbled across a video message that Cindy had sent to Bobby. Lauren warns Jane that if Max gets convicted, she won’t keep the secret any longer; Jane’s adamant that it won’t come to that. In court, Cora is questioned over what she saw in the Arches, on June 10th 2014. Cora states that she saw Max and Abi scrubbing the floor. Cora gets distressed when Marcus Christie describes her as a functioning alcoholic. As Abi takes to the stand, she announces the birth of Louie, but is asked to stop communicating with Max. Abi’s gobsmacked when Marcus Christie announces that she ‘battered’ Lucy on the night of death, before asking Abi outright whether she killed Lucy. The court’s in shock when Abi confidently states that she knows who killed Lucy – Max told her that it was him...

Mick questions Whitney over why Lee couldn’t tell him about his career in the army being over – Whitney states that Lee’s ashamed. When Whitney begs Mick not to approach Lee about it, Mick clocks that there’s more to things than Whitney’s letting on. Whitney confesses to Mick and Babe that Lee’s been struggling for a while. Mick finds a despondent Lee and assures him that he’s not angry with him; everyone fails. Mick tells Lee that he was exactly the same as him at his age – he’d struggle to reach out too. Mick suggests that he make Lee a doctor’s appointment and Lee reluctantly agrees. After some negotiation, Mick manages to get Lee an appointment for the next morning.

Charlie clocks Roxy begging Dean to take Amy to school. When Dean refuses, Charlie steps in and offers to help. Charlie fills Roxy in – his marriage to Ronnie is over; she’s been seeing Vincent. Charlie purports that he chose the wrong sister. Dean watches on jealously as Roxy pecks Charlie on the cheek. Later, Dean questions Roxy over whether Charlie still fancies her and Roxy prickles when he makes reference to her sleeping with Charlie. Ronnie’s annoyed when Roxy admits that she can see where Charlie’s coming from – he’s not wrong for threatening to fight for custody of Matthew. Roxy purports that Ronnie would be mad to leave Charlie – Matthew deserves a dad and Charlie is a decent man.

Roxy hands Ronnie her phone, telling her to call Charlie. Charlie arrives at Ronnie’s, who states that Matthew should be with her. Ronnie refuses to negotiate but is taken aback when Charlie purports that she won’t think he’s a soft touch any longer. Later, Dean tries to make things up with Roxy by suggesting a night out, but she cuts him short. Charlie catches up with Roxy and states that he can’t live with Ronnie having control of access to Matthew. Charlie reiterates that it’s Roxy he wants to be with and suggests that they go with Amy to France when she goes to see Jack.

Phil finds Sharon at the Beales’ and tries to convince her to forgive him – stating that they’ll get back together eventually so may as well save themselves the grief. Phil arrives at Kathy’s hotel room and fills her in – Sharon’s left him and has moved in with Ian. Phil’s unimpressed when Kathy cradles his face and reminds him that their time together wasn’t all bad - Phil firmly tells her that there’ll be no playing happy families, before leaving.

When Dot suggests to Cora they go and visit baby Louie, Cora isn’t interested and scoffs at the idea of family. Cora’s distressed when she discovers that Dot’s thrown away her bottle of vodka. As Dot chats to Charlie, Cora steals money from Dot’s handbag, before claiming that she’s popping out for fresh air. Cora rushes down Bridge Street; her head bowed.


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