Phil arrives downstairs to a fry up – Sharon’s way of apologising for not telling him the truth about Bobby sooner. As Phil sneaks a look at his phone, he has a text that reads, ‘’Walford park. K’. Phil arrives at the Park and is surprised to be met by Gavin. Gavin questions Phil over whether he’s heard from Kathy. When the Vic landline rings, Mick asks Tracey to answer it. Tracey pales as Kathy frantically asks her to get hold of Phil for her. In the park, Gavin explains to Phil that he and Kathy had a car crash.

When he woke up in hospital, Kathy had already been discharged. Sharon arrives home and asks Phil whether they can take Jane out, to get her away from the Square, but Phil claims he has business to take care of. Tracey accosts Phil in the Square Gardens and informs him that Kathy has phoned the Vic. Phil covers – claiming it must be a wind up, but Tracey maintains that the caller sounded desperate. Tracey hands over a slip of paper before heading off. In the café, Phil brings Ronnie up to speed – all he knows is that Kathy’s holed up somewhere and needs his help. Ronnie attempts to persuade Phil that it’s not his problem, but Phil explains that Gavin isn’t good for her. Phil shows Ronnie the address that Tracey handed him and purports that if Kathy could make the break once and for all, she’d be free.

On the Square, Gavin pulls up outside Phil’s house and settles down to wait. As Phil gets into his car, Ronnie joins him, claiming Kathy’s her family too. As the pair drive off, Gavin follows, unnoticed. Phil and Ronnie pull up outside a grotty hotel. With no-one to greet them at reception, Ronnie finds the guestbook with someone signed in as ‘Angie Watts’ – the pair head to the listed room. When there’s no answer, Phil barges through the door. Phil and Ronnie get to the window just in time to see a terrified looking Kathy being driven away by Gavin. As Phil and Ronnie consult a map, Phil clocks an airfield and is reminded of the passenger plane that Gavin mentioned his friend had.

As Kathy and Gavin strap themselves in to a passenger plane, Gavin reassures Kathy that they’ll escape together. As Gavin is cleared for take-off, his plane is halted when Ronnie and Phil screech in, blocking their path. Ronnie introduces herself to Gavin, before Phil demands that Kathy gets out of the plane. Kathy’s wary but when Ronnie firmly tells her to think about what’s best for her, and Phil claims that he will do whatever it takes to protect Ben and Ian, Kathy makes her choice and follows Phil to his car. Gavin watches on murderously, as Phil hugs Kathy, promising he’ll sort things...

Alone, Ronnie clocks her Ibiza posters up on the wall. Ronnie’s unenthusiastic when Charlie suggests that they head to the park and feed the ducks. As Ronnie overhears Tracey telling Phil that Kathy has phoned the Vic, Charlie approaches, eager for their picnic plans. Ronnie puts him off, telling him she’ll meet him back at the house soon. Home alone, Charlie packs up the picnic and waits for Ronnie’s return. When there’s still no sign, Charlie leaves Ronnie a worried voicemail, wondering where she is.

As Jane tells Ian over the phone that she’s catching the train to join him and Bobby, there’s a knock at the door, it’s Keeble. Keeble questions whether everything is okay – Jane had been absent when she called over before. Jane purports that she merely wanted to explain that she, Ian and Bobby wouldn’t be around for the trial; they’d deemed it best to be away from the inevitable gossiping. As Keeble goes to leave, she questions Jane over whether there’s anything she’s not telling her - Jane maintains that there isn’t.

Carol informs Jane that Max has lost his house, adding to Jane’s guilt. Jane heads outside and watches on as bailiffs seize Max’s goods. Sharon finds a guilty Jane, unable to handle how bitter Carol had sounded over Max. As Jane heads into the café, Carol clocks that something’s wrong. Sharon’s concerned when Carol later questions how Jane is – claiming she’s now decided to stay and attend the trial. Back at the Beales’, Jane toys with Marcus Christie’s business card. As Jane finishes up a phone call, Sharon arrives and admits she knows of Jane’s decision. Later, Sharon stops dead when she sees Marcus Christie heading into the Beales’. Sharon bursts in and tries to halt Jane and Marcus’ conversation, but to no avail.


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