Keeble knocks on the Beales’ door, oblivious to Phil in the hallway with his hand clamped over Jane’s mouth. Around the back, Sharon knocks on the door and calls for Jane, but Phil keeps his grip on Jane firm. Sharon’s taken aback when she clocks Keeble leaving the Beales’. As Phil manhandles Jane into a chair, he claims that he knows what happened to Lucy. Jane’s relieved when Phil reveals that he believes that it was her that killed Lucy. Jane attempts to confirm Phil’s suspicions and states that she’s going to hand herself in.

Phil’s enraged when he realises that Ian stood back and watched him grass up Ben, when he knew he was innocent. Jane makes a dash for the back door, only to find that Phil has locked her in. Phil demands that Jane tell him what happened on the night Lucy died. Jane tells Phil that she and Lucy had an argument – about drugs. Finding an empty Arches, Sharon leaves Phil a voicemail, wondering where he is. As Sharon continues to hunt, she takes a call from Ian. Back at the Beales’, Phil attempts to digest the story Jane’s told him – when she and Lucy argued, she hit Lucy with a jewellery box before dumping her on the Common.

Phil refuses to accept Jane’s apology for letting Ben get questioned by the police. As Phil grabs Jane by the neck, Jane slips up and admits she’s been protecting someone. A fuming Phil demands to know who and eventually a terrified Jane relents; it was Bobby. As Phil takes in this news, Sharon knocks on the back door and shouts that Ian and Bobby have called and are in Kent. Phil lets Sharon in – who’s stunned that Phil has discovered the truth. Sharon asks Jane how Bobby will cope if she hands herself into the police. Sharon reminds Jane that if she goes to Keeble, she’ll unravel her story until she finds out the real truth. As Phil threatens to call the police on Bobby, Jane knocks the phone out of his hands and screams that it was an accident, begging Phil not to call. As Phil watches a broken Jane cry, Sharon tells Jane that she needs to call Ian – he and Bobby want her to join them. As Jane makes the call, Sharon and Phil leave – Sharon assures Phil that he’s done the right thing by keeping quiet. Sharon doesn’t notice Phil’s eyes resting on a bottle of whiskey.

Ronnie and Vincent lie together post-coital – the moment is broken when Ronnie hears Matthew on the baby monitor. As Vincent goes to leave, the door goes – it’s Claudette. Vincent smirks and ignores Ronnie’s attempts to get him out. Claudette pushes her way in and is unimpressed to find Vincent on the sofa, claiming he had stuff to sort with Ronnie. When Claudette suggests to Ronnie that Matthew deserves his mother and father together, Ronnie claims that it’s none of her business. Claudette spikily states that Vincent doesn’t care about Ronnie or Matthew; Ronnie is left reeling. Vincent arrives back to find Kim and Pearl dressed in togas for their family photo-shoot. Claudette corners Vincent, angry that he could jeopardise his family. Charlie arrives home to Ronnie with flowers and takes care of Matthew, leaving Ronnie to relax – Ronnie looks on guiltily. Later, Vincent crosses Ronnie and asks if she’s going in his direction, but she knocks him back.

A steely Linda questions Mick over why he didn’t ask her whether she wanted to go on holiday before booking it. Elaine corners Linda and suggests she’s overreacting. When Elaine states that Linda’s behaving like a child, Linda storms out and demands to be left alone. Mick suggests going after her but Nancy feels it’s best she goes. Nancy finds Linda in the café, who apologises and reminds Nancy that it’s coming up to a year since her ordeal with Dean. Linda admits how much she hates feeling this way, she wants to get better. Nancy suggests that a holiday might be a good idea and purports that admitting that there’s a problem is brave. When Linda suggests it’s a shame that Nancy can’t come too, Nancy decides that she’d like to go; Linda can’t hide how pleased she is. As Mick reminds Linda that he’ll always be there for her, Nancy appears, ecstatic that she’s got the last seat on the same flight as Linda and Elaine.

Mick takes a phone call on the Vic landline – it’s Kathy on the other end but she stays silent and hangs up, leaving Mick bemused. As Phil and Sharon head back from the Beales’, they fail to notice a parked car on the corner of the Square, with Gavin in the driver’s seat...


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