In hospital, Shabnam and Kush wait to be discharged in heavy silence. Denise offers to cover Shabnam’s Minute Mart shifts if head office will let her; she’s surprised to learn from Masood that Zainab isn’t coming back. Shabnam makes a memory box containing Zaair’s handprints and baby blanket, and wants to hold the funeral today. Kush wonders about a post-mortem but Shabnam won’t have strangers touching her baby. When they arrive home, Shabnam silently heads for No. 29B. Masood advises Carmel to give them space.

At No. 29B, Kush hovers in the nursery doorway as grieving Shabnam puts the memory box on top of the wardrobe. Stacey arrives with flowers. Kush pleads she come in as he doesn’t know what to say to Shabnam, but Stacey thinks Shabnam won’t want to see her. Back inside, Kush suggests the funeral should be just the two of them but Shabnam won’t let Zaair be a secret like Jade. Meanwhile, Masood brings up the night before with Carmel but she shuts him down and announces she’s moving back to Essex as Umar’s not selling the house.

Over lunch, Carmel brightly suggests picking a new date for the wedding. Kush attempts to shush her. Shabnam lets out a scream of grief and storms out - she’s burying her son this afternoon and they want to talk weddings?! Kush follows as Shabnam’s getting off the phone to Zainab - she’s going to Pakistan tonight. Heartbroken, Kush accuses her of running away but Shabnam resolves to leave after the funeral. Carmel comforts Kush and suggests he move back to Essex for a fresh start. Masood accuses Carmel of being petty because he wouldn’t sleep with her and of seizing on the baby’s death to get her son back. Carmel slaps Masood. Meanwhile, Kush finds Shabnam retrieving her suitcase from his flat. He begs her not to go - one day they’ll get back to normal. Shabnam insists what they had died with their son and screams at Kush for leaving her when she was in labour - he wasn’t there when she needed him. Kush feels awful but sobs that Zaair was his baby too and reaches out to Shabnam - he wants to be close to her but she’s pushing him away. When Shabnam wildly accuses Kush of making everything about him, he explodes and tells her to go to Pakistan and never come back. Shabnam flees, leaving Kush devastated.

Tina invites Shirley for coffee with Mick but she declines. Tina wants to scatter Stan’s ashes by old Billingsgate market and hopes Shirley will come if Mick asks her – she knows he still cares. Mick calls at Shirley’s flat, but they’re interrupted when Dean and Roxy return from walking Lady Di. Mick fumes to see Dean with Lady Di. Shirley objects Tina said Lady Di living with them was his idea and defends Dean. Mick storms back to the Vic with Lady Di and berates Tina for her deception. Shirley’s right behind him and grabs the urn of Stan’s ashes. Mick snatches it back. The urn falls and spills yellow powder everywhere. Perplexed, Mick tastes it - custard powder. The family hotfoots it to Blades where Mick accuses Dean of taking the ashes. Dean laughs - who uses custard powder? The penny drops; Aunt Babe. Mick and Tina head for Babe’s house where a stranger informs them she’s moved to Ramsgate. They return to Shirley and ask her to go with them. She initially refuses but when Mick reminisces about past trips to Ramsgate as kids and appeals they can’t say goodbye without her, she agrees.

Lee offers to take Whitney to work but she claims she wants to walk. When he confides in Nancy his fears that Whitney’s seeing someone else, Nancy thinks they should talk and asks him to cover her afternoon shift. Later, Lee ignores a call from Sergeant Major Wallace and surprises Whitney in the café; she tries to backtrack that she got the wrong day at work but Lee knows she’s got another bloke and demands she stop lying. Whitney admits she lost her job and didn’t want to worry him – she’s concerned about his moods and that he’s not at work again. Lee claims it’s his day off. Later, Sergeant Major Wallace arrives at the Vic…

Bickering Denise and Vincent aren’t happy when Kim lumps them with Pearl. Vincent has a present for Patrick. Denise thinks that he’s buying him off. Vincent reveals he got Winston to track down Patrick’s hit single with The Five Hectors. Denise is unimpressed, to Vincent’s bemusement.


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