As Ian and Jane pack Bobby off for his first day back at school, Sharon arrives with the news that Abi, Ben and Jay have been called to give evidence for the defence. Sharon wants to know what to expect now her family’s been dragged into the trial. Ian reluctantly calls DI Keeble. Keeble thinks Marcus Christie calling Abi, Ben and Jay is a desperate last resort and is certain Max is going down for a long time. Keeble gone, Jane panics and retrieves Marcus’ business card, insisting it’s not too late to help Max. Jane admits Marcus called round asking questions and suggests one of them say they saw Max on Good Friday but Ian picks her plan apart - Marcus will realise they’re protecting someone. Carol interrupts - Dot’s home but in danger of missing her probation officer appointment. Ian finds her in the Launderette. They discuss the trial. Ian confesses he still talks to Lucy and fears he won’t be able to bear the trial.

Dot declares Max must face what he did and wonders what might have been if she hadn’t let Nick get away with so much when he was young. Dot admits if she could do things differently, she’d turn Nick in even though she loved him. Returning home, Ian agrees to talk to Marcus if it’s the only way to end this, to Jane’s relief. Bobby’s school phones - he’s been in a fight. Later, Bobby angrily admits he punched a boy for saying Lucy asked for it. Ian sits holding Bobby’s school tie, deep in thought. In the dead of night, Ian ushers Bobby out of the house with suitcases. Bobby asks when they’re coming back. Ian doesn’t know…

On the Square, Dot alights from Charlie’s car, delighted to be home. She’s met by a crowd of well-wishers with tea and cake. Dot feels smothered by the fuss. In search of matches, she’s stunned to find urns containing Jim and Nick’s ashes hidden in a cabinet. Charlie apologises - he didn’t want them to be the first things she saw. Dot insists she doesn’t need mollycoddling and walks out. She seeks solace in the Launderette and is discovered by Ian. Dot vents her frustrations that she looked after herself in prison and can do the same out of it. As they discuss Lucy, Dot tells Ian she still talks to Jim and Nick. Back home, after her probation officer appointment, Dot talks to Jim’s urn; she never feels alone because he’s always with her. A policeman rings the doorbell with a dishevelled woman who claims to live here - it’s Cora.

In the Vic, Whitney leaves Lee a frantic voicemail. Aunt Babe’s happily installed cooking in the Vic kitchen. When Linda enquires if Lee’s home yet, Whitney claims he’s still at a stag party, then leaves Lee another voicemail – where is he? Later, Linda snaps at preoccupied Whitney when she spills a pint. Mick explains Linda’s sensitive at the moment. A confidential letter arrives for Lee. When the landline rings, Whitney snatches it up but it goes dead. Clocking her jumpiness, Nancy wants to know if Lee’s in trouble and thinks the weekend stag party story was made up. Dishevelled Lee returns and hurries upstairs, avoiding Whitney. In the bathroom, haunted Lee stares at himself in the mirror. Whitney confronts him about punching Lieutenant Fielding. Lee explains he spent the weekend in the stockade but everything’s fine. Whitney offers to open his confidential letter but Lee snatches it. Later, Whitney finds Lee hiding out in the barrel store with the letter; he has to give evidence for the prosecution at Max’s trial. Whitney knows something else is wrong. Lee admits he’s been discharged from the army.

Charlie’s irked when Ronnie leaves Dot’s homecoming to see Roxy. Roxy’s late for work and has no time to talk. Ronnie accuses Roxy of ignoring her since she moved in with Dean. Charlie wants her to help look for missing Dot and demands she forget about Roxy, to Ronnie’s exasperation. She clocks Vincent and Kim arguing about a family photo-shoot. At lunchtime, Ronnie insists on joining Roxy and Dean at Beales and thinks Roxy’s scared of him. Dean and Ronnie bicker and frustrated Roxy leaves. Dean threatens Ronnie’s starting to irritate him. Vincent sends Dean packing and walks Ronnie home. Charlie’s unimpressed to see them together. Ronnie can’t help sneaking a backward glance as Vincent leaves.


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