Masood asks Shabnam whether he’ll let him take her to hospital – having agreed that if the baby didn’t move in the night, they’d decide in the morning. Shabnam’s adamant that it’s too early to create a drama. Shabnam and Masood try and convince themselves that the baby’s merely asleep – Shabnam heads to take a bath, claiming she read online that it could help to wake the baby up. Shabnam asks Masood not to tell anyone of their concerns, including Kush and Masood reluctantly agrees.

As Shabnam finishes up on the phone to the caterers, Masood questions Shabnam over whether she’s felt any movement yet. Shabnam admits she hasn’t and disappears to buy a sugary drink, hoping that might help. Masood makes a phone call away from the house. Kush leads Shabnam to his surprise – the nursery beautifully decorated. Shabnam can’t hold back the tears and leaves crying – Masood follows. Outside, Masood admits to Shabnam that he’s called the midwife, who’s suggested that Shabnam heads to hospital. Shabnam agrees – but shouts to Kush that everything’s fine; it’s just hormones.

Shabnam feels reassured when the midwife initially suggests that lack of movement could merely mean the baby has moved position, but after a long silence, the midwife tells Shabnam that she can’t find the baby’s heartbeat, before leaving to get a doctor to check. A panicked Shabnam dashes out of the hospital room for air. Outside, Shabnam sits on a bench and talks to her bump – she gets teary, begging her baby to wake up. Masood watches on in silence, his heart breaking. As Shabnam looks up and clocks him, she asks Masood to call Kush. As the stall holders tease Kush about his upcoming wedding, Kush receives a phone call from Masood and tears off towards his van. Kush arrives at hospital to a terrified Shabnam. The doctor enters and scans Shabnam.

The doctor delivers the heart-breaking news – hers and Kush’s baby has died. Shabnam demands that she wants to know immediately what happens. Shabnam is informed that the safest option is for her to give birth. The doctor explains that she’ll be given a tablet to induce labour, she will then return to hospital within the next twenty four hours for a pessary. Shabnam asks for the tablet straight away; she wants it over with as soon as possible. Masood promises he’ll cancel the wedding arrangements. A grief-stricken Shabnam and Kush cling to each other in silence...

A hungover Carmel asks Kush whether he’s still angry with her – Kush merely purports that the next few days are about him and Shabnam; he doesn’t want anything getting in the way. When Masood bumps into Shabnam and Kush, Shabnam invites Masood to join them; Kush has surprise for her. Masood apologises to Kush again, who accepts. In the café, Carmel fills Denise in on Masood ignoring her earlier – leading Denise to question whether Carmel fancies Masood – she claims she doesn’t.

Stacey finishes the last pill in her medication packet. She then brings a hungover Martin tea and reminds him that he was sick at least twice yesterday. Stacey’s concerns grow when, on the market, the stall holders gossip over the state that Martin was in. Stacey questions Kush over Martin’s drinking; Kush takes partial responsibility for his state. Kush heads over to Martin’s flat and tenuously suggests that Stacey could do with a bit of reassurance – Martin promises to speak to her about things. Martin catches up with Stacey in the Square and admits they need to talk properly – he offers to take her out for lunch.

At lunch, Martin assures Stacey that last night was a one-off; he won’t be off on a bender once the baby arrives. Stacey admits to Martin that she ran out of her pills that morning – she’s thinking about coming off them. Stacey explains that although there are risks, she can’t bear the thought of doing anything that could harm their baby. Martin tries to be understanding but Stacey has doubts – how well does Martin really know her? Stacey tells Martin that she’s giving him a way out – if he’s not home when she gets back later, she won’t blame him. Stacey arrives back to what seems to be an empty flat, until Martin appears – he’s printed out some research on bipolar. Martin tells Stacey that he loves her – she reciprocates. Stacey states that if Martin’s on board with her; she’s coming off of her medication.

As Tamwar dabs henna on Nancy’s hand, Nancy tentatively asks Tamwar about his wedding to Afia – Tamwar confesses how the pair got married in secret; Nancy stifles her jealousy. As Nancy asks Tamwar more questions about Afia, Nancy admits that she’s never been in love before. Tamwar reassures Nancy – he loved Afia, but with Nancy it’s different.


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