Martin makes Stacey down pints of water and enthuses to Shabnam about their first scan. As Stacey takes her medication, Martin clocks she’s taking one tablet instead of two; she claims it’s a new brand. In the bedroom, Martin takes out at a ‘Baby’s 1st Scan’ photo frame. On the market, Pam agrees to have flowers waiting for Stacey when they return. Martin wonders if they should’ve told Jean but Stacey thinks she’d just get overexcited. At the hospital, the pair bump into Sonia; while Stacey’s in the toilet, Sonia and Martin discuss the scan. Martin’s given food for thought when Sonia wonders about the side effects of Stacey’s medication.

During the scan, Martin asks about the effects of bipolar. Stacey’s irked to learn he discussed it with Sonia. The sonographer advises them to discuss any risks with a GP. Martin’s alarmed and Stacey orders him out. He’s downcast when Stacey emerges without a scan photo. Martin tries to apologise but Sonia interrupts to offer them a lift. Back home, Martin wants to make a doctor’s appointment. Stacey admits she’s already been. Martin’s hurt and surprised Stacey’s already reduced her meds. Stacey declares it’s her body and explains the possible risks - what is she supposed to do? Sonia arrives to return Stacey’s phone which she left in her car; sussing the situation, Sonia orders the pair to talk properly.

Martin asks Stacey to be honest, but when she reveals she’s already seen the midwife too, he explodes, sends the flowers flying, and angrily bins the ‘Baby’s 1st Scan’ frame. Stacey wishes Martin understood her the way her dad did her mum. Sonia points out her dad had to learn from her mum - just as Martin must learn from her. Martin apologises for his outburst, Stacey wonders if Martin’s prepared for the consequences if she comes off her meds. Martin insists he’s ready. Stacey’s called away to collect a poorly Lily from summer club and Sonia turns to Martin - he’s fooling himself. Stacey tells Lily she’s going to have a brother or sister. Meanwhile, Martin accuses Sonia of being jealous. Sonia’s convinced he’s not strong enough to support Stacey and urges that if Martin has any doubts, he needs to leave her…

At No. 29B, Shabnam finds Kush creating potential baby names using fridge magnets and suggests Farouk. She shows Kush a wedding RSVP from Umar and Ashleen - Kush’s dad’s ‘other woman’. Kush’s worried that Carmel’s uncharacteristically quiet. Shabnam isn’t impressed when Kush lumbers her with Carmel for the day to help with wedding preparations. On the market, Tamwar’s not looking forward to paintballing at Kush’s stag do. Masood reveals Mick’s arranged surprise evening entertainment. Shabnam turns her nose up at Carmel’s choice of sugared almonds and pink ribbon for the wedding favours.

Carmel comes across the RSVP from Umar and Ashleen and gets upset. Shabnam suggests Ashleen shouldn’t come to the wedding; Carmel knows she wouldn’t let Umar come alone and tries to be brave, insisting seeing Kush happy is all she wants. Relenting, Shabnam agrees to do half the favours her way and half Carmel’s. Later, Kush is perplexed to find them both in fits of laughter but pleased Carmel seems better. Shabnam reveals Carmel saw Umar’s RVSP and thinks he shouldn’t attend the wedding.

Things are frosty between Sharon and Phil, clocked by Ben, Jay and Abi. Sharon dumps the holdall of cash on the kitchen table and demands the truth. They’re mid-argument about Karin Smart when Ronnie interrupts; to Phil’s surprise, she lies that Karin’s blackmailing her about Carl White and Phil’s helping her. Sharon gone, Phil tells Ronnie everything; she’s stunned that Phil’s known for 3 years that Kathy’s alive. Phil explains Kathy emailed when Ben was in prison and he’s been giving her money to help her get away from Gavin – but now Kathy wants to come home. Ronnie’s appalled that Kathy abandoned her sons.

When Phil defends Kathy, Ronnie thinks Phil still loves her. Phil denies it but admits he sometimes thinks if Kathy hadn’t gone away Ben would be okay. Ronnie insists he can’t change the past and warns him against helping Kathy any further. Later, Phil phones Kathy, but her number’s been disconnected. Sharon returns as Phil gives Ben the holdall of cash to return to the Arches safe. Sharon warns they’re finished if she catches Phil carrying on with a woman again. Phil deletes ‘K’ from his phone - she’s gone.


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