A begrudging Ronnie looks on at Charlie in bed as he snores. As Ronnie waves off Amy to nursery, Ronnie appears, angry that Roxy’s still been seeing Dean. Roxy brands Ronnie a control freak and accuses her of becoming obsessed. Roxy admits that she and Dean are together and begs Ronnie to back off. Ronnie agrees to try and the pair hug. Later, Ronnie tries to use Sharon to dig for information on Dean that Linda may have told her, but Sharon holds her silence. Sharon reminds Ronnie that Roxy has to make her own choices and advises her to make friends with the enemy – giving Ronnie food for thought.

As Ronnie has her hair done in Blades by Dean, she confronts him about him sleeping with Roxy. Ronnie invites Dean over for dinner, claiming it’s important that he gets to know the family better. Before she leaves, Ronnie warns Dean that she will skin him alive if he even looks at Roxy the wrong way. Ronnie finds Charlie in the Car Lot and tries to convince him to leave his desk for a coffee with her – she’s put out when he turns her down. Dean tells Roxy of Ronnie’s threat and claims that he can’t handle Ronnie being so controlling; he suggests that Roxy move in with him. When Roxy admits that she can’t because Ronnie needs her, an angry Dean reveals Ronnie’s hidden camera – she’s been secretly watching Roxy.

In the middle of the night, Ian finds a fraught Jane taking headache tablets and questions what’s wrong. Jane tells Ian that Cindy’s not upstairs and purports that Cindy doesn’t want to leave; they’ve backed her into a corner. Ian reminds Jane that they have to trust that Cindy and Liam won’t tell the truth about Bobby. In the Butchers’, Liam plays over the situation with Cindy – if the police find that the blood in the Car Lot is Max’s, then he’ll be sent down. Cindy questions Liam over what’s changed since yesterday – he was willing to keep the secret and leave. As Ian finishes up a phone call he breaks the news to Jane – the blood found in the Car Lot was Lucy’s. As Jane crumbles, Ian suggests that it could mean Max hurt her in some way. Jane snaps at Ian for beginning to believe his own lies. Carol finds Jane and Ian in the café, angry with the one way ticket to Devon they have bought for Liam. As Carole berates the pair, it’s too much for Jane, who leaves. Ian finds Jane down an alleyway; she’s been sick. Jane suggests that she could take Liam’s ticket and escape for a while but Ian is adamant that she isn’t going anywhere. Ian and Jane confront Liam and Cindy and Ian questions why Carol had to be roped in to the situation.

Cindy reminds the pair that they’re asking her to leave everything behind her for the sake of Bobby. As Ian runs through Cindy and Liam’s options, he claims that the only path left is to tell the police. Ian hands Cindy the phone, telling her it’s now or never. Jane begs Cindy not to make the call – Liam snatches the phone and dials. Ian panics and reminds Liam that he and Cindy will get time for perverting the court of justice. As the phone is answered, Liam claims he’s called the wrong number. Liam comes up with a suggestion – his dad is in Dusseldorf, Carol would let him go and Cindy can join him. Liam tells a shocked Ian that he wants a hundred thousand pounds if he wants to get rid of them.

As Max makes his way back to his cell, he is met by a gang of prisoners. The gang knock his tray of food to the floor and attack him. In the café, Ian passes on the news to a stunned Carol that the blood in the Car Lot was Lucy’s. In the prison visiting room, Carol passes on the news to Max, but Max maintains that it doesn’t change his story. Tears spring to Carol’s eyes and she admits that she believes he murdered Lucy. Max desperately attempts to explain himself to Carol but it falls on deaf ears. Carol can’t believe Max – claiming that him being the murderer is the only thing that makes logical sense. Carol firmly says goodbye as Max shouts for his innocence...

Paul suggests to a morose Les that he could call Pam to find out why she’s left, but the pair eventually agree that Les should call. Later, Paul heads into Blades and asks for an hour off to look after Les – Dean reluctantly agrees.


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