Buster enters the Albert to find Vincent has slept there and quips that Kim obviously hasn’t forgiven him – but Vincent is confident he’ll get her back. As Vincent flicks through the post that Buster has bought him, his eye catches a flyer for ‘Walford’s Bonniest Baby’ competition. Vincent knocks on the door of Patrick’s and is greeted by Denise who tells him that Kim doesn’t want to see him. Vincent later finds Kim outside the café and tries to persuade her that he cares about nothing else but her and Pearl. Vincent suggests the Bonnie Baby competition as a way for the pair of them to spend family time together.

Kim agrees to the competition; Vincent’s relieved. Vincent finds Phil at the Arches and suggests that he wants to clear the air. Sharon walks in to see the pair shaking hands and is pleased, but it’s clear Phil is plotting. At the Walford’s Bonniest Baby competition, Linda and Kim make digs at each other. Kim’s unimpressed that Vincent hasn’t shown up, but as she goes to leave an angry voicemail, he appears. As Charlie takes Matthew to be judged, Ronnie is left alone with Vincent. Kim’s unimpressed to see the pair conversing, but tells Vincent he can move back in, as long as he works on Denise and Patrick. Pearl is announced as the winner of the competition; Kim is over the moon. As Kim, Vincent and Claudette head home, Vincent claims he’s left his jacket in the Community Centre. As he arrives back there, he slips the judge some money; he’s bribed her for Pearl to win.

Carol informs Jane that she’s on her way to the bank to ask for a loan for Max’s barrister fees. Carol asks whether she can have the afternoon off to see Max – Jane agrees as Ian approaches. Once alone with Jane, Ian reminds her that giving Carol the time off she needs is only going to help her crusade to get Max off the hook - they need to put Bobby first. In the prison visiting room, Max begs for Carol’s help; she has to find the money for legal representation. A morose Carol sits alone in the Vic with a bottle of wine. A concerned Abi finds Carol but is disinterested when she realises it’s Max that Carol is upset over. Ian and Jane find a now drunk Carol and sit with her. Carol accuses Sharon and Linda of laughing at her and drunkenly slurs that they make her sick. Jane suggests taking Carol home but she’s not playing ball and storms out. Outside the pub Carol breaks down on Jane - she can’t help Max on her own.

Ronnie finds a downbeat Roxy on the Masala Masood stall and tries to convince her that she doesn’t need Dean in her life. Dean approaches and tells Ronnie that she can’t stop him seeing Roxy- she firmly advises him to stay away. Later, Roxy is surprised to answer the door to Dean - the pair can’t help excitedly kiss before disappearing upstairs together. A post coital Dean and Roxy panic when Ronnie arrives home – Roxy forces Dean to hide in the wardrobe. A patronising Ronnie reminds Roxy that she’s meant to be covering the Masala Masood stall – Dean is left in the wardrobe as Roxy leaves. Assuming she’s alone in the house, Ronnie answers the door to Vincent – the pair flirt and eventually kiss. Ronnie’s put out when Vincent leaves, claiming he just wanted to know he could still have her. Upstairs, Dean has watched the entire exchange on Ronnie’s tablet via webcam and has a glint of revenge in his eyes...

Pam pointedly tells Les that she’s planning to see Claudette later, Les brushes off her comment. Pam visits Claudette and is taken aback when she spots Les’ tie on the table – Claudette claims he left it when he came over to put up her shelves. Back at the funeral parlour, Pam tests Les, and when his story doesn’t match Claudette’s, her worst fears are confirmed. A teary Pam makes a phone call to Mim.

As Carmel and Shabnam sit together working out the wedding seating plan, Shabnam is relieved at the arrival of Masood. Carmel admits to Masood that the arrival of Kush and Shabnam’s child can’t come soon enough – she has too much free time on her hands. Carmel finds Kush in the café and tells him she has an idea – he and Shabnam can move in with her once the baby is born – it’ll be rent free. Kush passes on Carmel’s idea to Shabnam but she’s unimpressed when Kush admits he didn’t immediately say no.


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