In the prison visiting room, Carol sternly berates Max for trying to get Stacey to force a confession out of Abi. Max explains his thinking to Carol – the night Lucy died, she and Abi fell out and Abi returned home with her top ripped. Carol leaves in disgust when Max suggests that Carol try to convince Abi to hand herself in to the police.

Carol finds Abi at the Mitchell’s, who are shocked when Carol questions why Abi hasn’t been honest about the fact that she beat Lucy up the night she was murdered. Back at the Butchers’, Abi explains to Carol that she and Max have been covering for each other as neither have alibis. Abi desperately tries to persuade Carol that she only withheld hers and Lucy’s fight from the police because she panicked. Carol assures Abi that she believes her, but that she also believes Max. Carol arrives at the Beales’ and informs Ian and Jane that she believes Max is innocent and she’s not going to rest until he is a free man...

A sobbing Pam questions why Paul would suggest that Les and Claudette are having an affair. Paul explains that he found out when he was doing his GCSE’s; he went travelling because he didn’t know how to deal with it. Pam dismisses Paul’s claims and heads back to the party, firmly telling Paul to stay put at home. As Pam and Les are interviewed by a reporter, Pam takes Les by surprise when she launches into a speech about how proud she and Les are of Paul. Before Les can question Pam’s behaviour, Fatboy plays ‘At last’ and Les asks Pam to dance. With a hesitative glance at her wedding ring, Pam accepts. As the pair dance, Pam clocks Claudette watching. Pam follows Claudette to the toilets and tentatively points out to Claudette that she could never understand why she stayed single. When Claudette suggests that she’s never had time for a man, Pam eyes her suspiciously.

With Claudette declaring that Les is a very lucky man to have Pam, Pam steadies herself and re-joins the party. A drunk Les slurs to Pam that he’s glad Paul has left the party – accusing him of getting involved in things which don’t concern him; giving Pam an uneasy feeling. Back at the Cokers’, Pam corners Paul and tells him that his accusations are wrong. In the bedroom, Pam asks Les whether he’s happy with her. Les claims he is, but Pam looks doubtful.

When Ben reminds a sobbing Jay that he’s family, Jay states that Phil doesn’t agree. Jay declares he’s had enough of Phil only using him when he needs him and suggests that once his tag is off, Ben and Abi should join him and Lola for a new start – as far away from Phil and Billy as they can get. In the Vic, Tina sits with a despondent Billy and admits that she heard the news about Lola leaving. Billy confesses to Tina that he’s been telling people that Lola left for a job opportunity, when really she left to get away from him. Ben and Jay arrive back and are cold with Phil. Sharon tries to persuade the pair that Phil feels guilty for shopping them to the police and reminds them that they implicated themselves when they stole Lucy’s purse and phone.

Later, a teary Ben tells Phil that he’s not going to let him push him away anymore – once Jay’s tag gets off, they’re leaving. Sharon suggests to Phil that three months is plenty of time to prove to Ben how much he means to him. Billy finds Jay outside Phil’s and admits that he made a mistake and is sorry. There’s a thawing moment between the two and Billy warns Jay to get away from Phil as soon as he can, so as to not end up like him. Billy firmly tells Phil that he’s ruined his life and he won’t watch him do the same to Jay. Phil hands Billy two plane tickets for him and Janet to go and visit William in Canada – Phil suggests it’ll give Billy some time to get his head straight.

Whilst Ben consoles Jay in the Arches, he ignores Paul’s call. Later, Ben heads over to Paul’s – and the two disappear into the bedroom together. Post-coital, Paul suggests that he and Ben could go for a drink the next day, but Ben firmly declares that it shouldn’t be anything more than just sex between them.

Abi phones Tanya and is shocked when Tanya informs her that Cora never arrived to stay with her.


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