Ian feels all eyes on him as he walks through the market. Stacey’s irked when Martin speculates the police wouldn’t have kept Max in overnight for no reason. At the Butchers’, shell-shocked Carol doesn’t understand why Max had blood on his shoes. At the Beales’, Bobby pesters to go into town for a new computer game but Ian wants everyone at home. Sonia explains Carol’s not coming to work and reveals the police think they’ve found Lucy’s blood on Max’s shoes.

Ian rings Keeble and packs Bobby off to town after all. At the police station, Bryant confirms the blood is Lucy’s. Max recalls Lucy had a nosebleed when Jake accidentally hit her but Bryant formally charges Max with murder. Phil barges into the Beales’ as Keeble’s revealing Max has been charged and will appear in court that afternoon. Phil insists on accompanying Ian to court. Jane begs him not to go but Ian thinks he has no choice. Stacey’s shocked to hear Max has been charged.

In court, Phil urges uneasy Ian to look Max straight in the eye. Stacey slips into court as the magistrate explains Max will be sent to Walford Crown Court and won’t be granted bail. Max protests his innocence and calls out to Ian as he’s led away. Ian’s wracked with guilt as Abi apologises for what Max did. Stacey thinks Abi needn’t apologise as Max is innocent. Abi coldly declares Stacey should accept Max’s guilt. Ian’s worried for Abi but Phil advises him to look after his own family. Later, Ian calls in at the Butchers’ and promises Carol she still has her job. Carol’s surprised given she’s been defending Max but Ian understands - you do what you have to for family. Back home, Bobby’s playing his new computer game and enthusing about being a games designer when he grows up. Ian forces a smile and joins him for a game. Meanwhile, Max phones Stacey asking for help - he didn’t kill Lucy but he knows who did…

Sharon urges Phil to talk to Ben. At the Arches, Phil protests he thought he was doing the right thing handing Lucy’s belongings to the police and claims he worked on Abi to tell the truth about Max because he refused to give up on Ben. Ben scoffs that Phil sold him out. Phil admits he thought Ben killed Lucy but now knows he was wrong. Ben gets upset – Phil knew what going back to prison would do to him. Phil explains sometimes he doesn’t understand Ben and it scares him. Ben insists Phil can never make things right but Phil’s determined to try. Abi suggests Ben forgive Phil. Ben scoffs that Abi thinks Phil considers her family but then, on seeing she’s hurt, assures her she’s 100% Mitchell. Later, after hearing of Max’s formal murder charge, Abi wants to go to court; there’s a slight thawing when Phil suggests going as a family. After court, Paul approaches Ben in the Vic but he shrugs him off.

Billy finds Lola, Jay and Lexi at home, having returned for Lexi’s things before their train. Billy begs Lola not to go to Newcastle. She remains resolute but agrees Billy can fetch Janet to say goodbye. Outside, Billy makes a phone call – he has information about Jay Brown… He watches as a police car pulls up outside the flat and Marsden arrests Jay on suspicion of robbery. The penny drops for Jay and he calls furiously for Billy as he’s led to the police car. Billy comforts a devastated Lola who questions where Janet is; deducing Billy called the police, Lola flees with Lexi. Billy pursues them to the tube station, pleading he couldn’t bear to lose them. Lola resolves to leave anyway, declaring she still has Dexter in Newcastle. In tears, Billy apologises profusely and begs her forgiveness. Lola softens but wants Billy to be happy for her - Newcastle could be her chance to shine. Heartbroken, Billy hugs Lola goodbye and lets her go.

Paul finds Claudette waiting for him in Blades; she berates him for lying to Vincent about her relationship with Les. Paul scoffs as Claudette maintains Les genuinely came round to put up shelves. Paul insists he doesn’t want Pam hurt. Claudette agrees but refuses to stay away from her.


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