Roxy and Billy hold Phil back as he shouts at Max, having punched him in the face. Max is confused and questions where Abi has gone. Phil informs Max that Abi has gone to tell the police that he killed Lucy. Max calls Abi and leaves a panicked message on her answer phone, demanding she call him back. Abi and Sharon reach the station and Sharon reminds Abi about the seriousness of the situation if she goes ahead with her statement. Back at the Butchers’, Carol demands that Max tells her the truth about what happened the night Lucy died.

Marsden tells Keeble that the lab results are back and is smug when she tells her that Ben’s prints were all over Lucy’s phone and purse. Abi is brought in for questioning and the interview gets underway. She hesitates before telling the police that she saw Max enter Jake’s flat with Lucy. Max explains to Carol what really happened. He took Tramp for a walk and later headed out to see if Lucy was okay, he’d seen Jake drunkenly hit her when he assisted her with helping Jake into his flat. Abi explains that Max was missing at the approximate time of Lucy’s death and confesses that he lied to the police in his original statement. DCI Marsden suggests Abi is lying to protect Ben.

At the Butchers’, Max pours himself a drink and Carol tells him that she believes he’s innocent. Abi’s interview is terminated – the police refuse to discuss Ben’s situation with her and she’s left confused. At the station, Marsden tells Keeble that she isn’t going to let Ben go. Keeble and Bryant sit opposite a figure and ask if they understand the charge. It’s Max, and Keeble arrests him for the murder of Lucy Beale…

Lola is upset that Jay is leaving so soon after they have decided to be together. Jay maintains that he can’t stay in the Square if the police have Lucy’s phone and wallet – he could get life in prison - his prints will be all over them. Jay asks Lola to leave with him but she suggests can’t do that to Billy and Lexi. Lola points out that running away will make Jay look guilty. Alone in the house, Jay spots two police officers knocking on the door. Jay packs a rucksack with the intention of leaving. Jay finds Lola and explains - Lola tells him to wait, she and Lexi will go with him; they agree to meet at the tube station later. Jay waits at the station when Lola turns up with Billy to tell him he doesn’t need to run away, Abi is telling the police that Max is guilty.

Back at the Mitchells’, Billy points out that Phil needs to think about Jay and his feelings. Ritchie suggests that she needs to talk to Jay, but he and Lola have disappeared. Billy rushes home to find Jay and Lola missing from there too. Jay is fuming that after all these years, Phil still doesn’t regard him as family and was happy to betray him. Lola, Jay and Lexi head into Walford East tube station to leave Walford...

Les asks Pam what she said to Dean to stop him from employing Paul – she admits she called him flighty. Pam is distraught and is adamant that she’s lost Paul; Les promises to sort it. Les tries to explain to Paul that Pam didn’t mean to say what she said and when Paul suggests that Les is the one who’s breaking Pam’s heart, Les is adamant that he hasn’t seen Claudette in months. Paul leaves to get ready for Lola’s celebratory drinks in the Albert. Later, Les comforts Pam assuring her that Paul will come round.

At the Albert, Dean waits for Lola to arrive and Paul approaches Dean about the job. Pam enters and tells Dean she was wrong in what she said about Paul, but Dean makes it clear that he wouldn’t have hired Paul anyway and suggests he drops the spoilt brat routine. Pam and Paul make up and Vincent asks them to thank Les for helping Claudette put up some shelves. Pam heads home but Paul is enraged that Les has been over to Claudette’s - he tells Vincent that Les and Claudette have been sleeping together.


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