At the police station, Keeble and Marsden interview Phil, wary of his motive for handing in evidence against Ben. They discuss how he discovered Lucy’s phone and wallet – he purports he found them in his house before the police started their search. Abi bumps into Sharon in the café and asks after Ben and Phil. Phil phones Sharon and asks her to gather the family at home for a meeting. Abi is affronted when Sharon tells her she can’t come - it’s family only for now.

Phil explains to the Mitchells how he handed in Lucy’s phone and purse to the police himself. Jay storms out after finding out that Phil didn’t clean the prints off of the items before handing them in. Phil tells the family that they all know what Ben is capable of - they are shocked that he could even suggest Ben may have murdered Lucy. Sharon supports Phil and suggests that if Ben is innocent, the police will prove it. Abi snaps at Phil that Ben is definitely not guilty. The Mitchells question why she is so sure - does she know something they don’t? Ian and Jane discuss Ben’s arrest with huge concern – sure that with his track record, he’ll get sent down. Jane reminds Ian that she’s always been willing to take the blame, but Ian reassures her that hopefully the police will do their job well where Ben is concerned.

An ecstatic Lola returns home to Jay, having got the job at Blades. Jay tells Lola that he has to leave the Square before the police come looking for him. Phil talks to Abi alone in the Car Lot office and asks her if she knows anything that could prove Ben’s innocence. Phil gets Abi on side, telling her that since she and Ben have been together, it’s the happiest he’s seen Ben since he was a young boy. His flattery works and Abi admits that she thinks that Max killed Lucy. Phil takes Abi back to the house and calls the police - they escort her to the police station with Sharon. Max walks through the Square and sees Abi in the car as it pulls away. Phil punches a startled Max in the face. In the back of the car, Sharon reminds Abi that she doesn’t have to tell the police anything if she doesn’t want to, but Abi is sure it’s the right thing to do...

Abi has spent the night at Carols - Max suggests she is welcome to move back in with him, but she snaps that she and Ben are serious. Carol tells Max that there is a job open at Beales’ Plaice, but Max is reluctant to enquire. When Max opens a letter regarding court proceedings to repossess his house, Max swallows his pride and approaches Ian about the job at the chippy – Ian offers him a trial shift. When Ian watches Max handle a difficult Shirley with tact, he offers him the job before the day is out.

Mick heads to Beales’ Plaice and asks for a word with Ian outside. Mick admits to Ian that he can’t stop thinking about the conversation that they had on Ian’s wedding night where Ian admitted that he knew who had killed Lucy – the fact it was Ben must have been painful. Ian covers and purports that he was in a state of emotional turmoil; he didn’t know what he was saying.

At the Cokers’, Paul is getting ready for his job interview at Blades. Les is irritated by Paul’s lack of interest in taking over the family business. As Lola and Paul go head to head in Blades, Jay comes bursting in talking about Phil’s betrayal. Jay swiftly apologises to a cold Dean and exits. In competition with Lola, Paul executes his hair style with confidence while Lola looks flustered. At the end of the trial Dean inspects the hairstyles and offers Lola the position, despite Paul visibly doing a better job. Paul returns to the funeral parlour and is incredibly angry that he didn’t get the job – Dean’s admitted it’s because Pam labelled him as flighty. Paul begs Pam and Les to stop forcing their business on him – he’s not interested.


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